* The first class is FREE. Please send me your email address to receive the Microsoft link . After your first class , you receive a MICROSOFT TEAMS LINK to enter the sessions is sent to you when you register below.


This monthly session creates a nurturing ,nonjudgemental space to share your story . What love lessons are you ready to acknowledge as you let the past go? The session ends with a guided clearing meditation . Please bring a journal for optional writing or artistic expression of self awareness tools that I share. We meet online using Microsoft Teams. To join a session, please send me your email address. I will send you the link to the session. This session is Sundays at 2pm, PST. Donation is $10.


Please register to receive passcode.

Self Mastery Basics Study Group- space is limited

in person and online- Portland,Or monthly healthy potluck following , review and guided meditation Each week you will practice a self mastery tool to develop clarity and and stillness within. With practice, you begin to make wiser choices that align with your intended direction . Most of us accumulate toxic energy in our journeys that causes us to be emotionally charged and relate to life from our woundedness. We find ourselves saying and doing things we regret. No worries. Clearing this toxic energy or negativity from your physical,emotional, and mental bodies supports overall wellness physically,emotionally, and mentally. You will also learn and practice basic self mastery tools to protect your energy system . Otherwise ,you are subject to the influence of the mass of energy around you. Let us be mindful to nurture,cleanse ,and protect the sacred in ourselves . In this way, we may choose the highest light and love we can bring to our purpose in increasingly more moments. This class is Wednesdays @7-8 pm,PST. The location is given with registration.


LIFE COACHING / transformational holistic counseling

In honor of completing my training in Transformational Holistic Counseling , I am offerring a discount on coaching sessions for a limited time. Life Coaching paired with Transformational Holistic Counseling is a beautiful marriage of skills that support you to make plans for the new you and to become the new you that can execute them. Follow the link below to book your one hour session.


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