In person classes are held @ The Sage Center ,10700 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy,97005 ,Ste 560.

Each fee listed is per session. Credit cards ,Paypal , Pal credit are accepted. Refunds are prorated .

Fees listed as $1 indicate a sliding scale.

Self Mastery Class Series ( register by Monday midnight each week you plan to attend.)

Wednesdays at 6pm-7pm at the Sage Centre , Beaverton,Oregon ,97005 . Self Mastery is refining one’s base human nature into its more refined self. During The Self Mastery Basics class series ,you practice simple natural tools which you may use to clear the 4 body system of self defeating feelings. I recommend this class to all especially leaders, practitioners ,teachers ,social workers, empaths ,intuitives, activists, spiritual seekers of all levels who have yet to make their unconscious conscious. This is one approach.There are others. See the class titles below: Please email me by Monday at midnight for class each week for this class. Your first month is FREE. 1. Energy Hygiene and Protection March 22 2. The Nightly Review March 29 1. Energy Hygiene and Protection April 1 2. Feeling is Healing April 8 3. Heal Yourself thru Journal Writing April 15 4. Attitude of Gratitude April 22 .CHOP WOOD , CARRY WATER….or ways to maitain our newly realizations and insights after the moment thy are received. Each week you will practice a new facet of coming to ” know thyself ” .With consistent practice of the tools , you begin to make wise,loving choices that align with your intended direction . Your first month is FREE.


Coaching /transformational holistic counseling

Coaching / transformational holistic counseling is a beautiful marriage of skills. They support you to do the inner work to become self aware , recognize and acknowledge the unresolved feelings that block your moving forward on your goals. Weekly or monthly , 45 minute , private sessions that may be paired with the Self Mastery Basics class to deepen your engaegement with the learning . You may also book sessions to address other concerns.


Anger Management ( private sessions only )

Is this course for me ? Do I resonate with any of the causes of anger below? bias in society consciously or unconsciously directed at me Unresolved anger issues in my family of origin physical, verbal, or sexual abuse Economic hardship Relationship difficulties – ongoing serious conflicts Setting unrealistic goals – being too hard on myself Feeling overwhelmed, stressed out ; poor coping skills Dwelling on resentments and past hurts – anger – unresolved conflicts physical pain / illnesses / disability loss of loved ones disrupted relationships with my adult children restructuring my life to accommodate retirement


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