Love Ritual

God within me greets God within u

Say the wisest of us

And yet

It has eluded me

Guess I was looking for some

Specialness to stand out

My head did not want to bow

To another bowing head

I believed it  a love of ritual


I asked tonite of spirit

What is namaste’?

How does it feel ?

And to my questioning heart you came

Sittting with me

Bathing me in the  expanse of love

It moving thru me

Moving thru all


Yes all of life is breathed in this way

All of life is creation unfolding

And it is to  this process of creation

that we acknowledge in humility

I am nothing more or less than all of life

We are all part of All that is



Advanced Recycling…Planetary Healing and Harmony

If I only had one gift to give everyone, it would be this meditation for Planetary Healing and Harmony.Help yourself and the planet in one fell swoop everyday day. Share it with others, if you choose.

You can daily read it , memorize and visualize it, or record yourself speaking it with an online voice recorder .  It’s always on this website .

Practice and Enjoy!

Adding a violet flame meditation to our daily practice is a lovely way to feel a sense of serenity.

The violet flame is a powerful tool anyone can use in meditation. It helps release negative karma, raise our consciousness awareness, the frequency of our vibration, and accelerate our spiritual growth. Energy can’t be destroyed but it can be changed which means we can transmute darkness into light, fear into love. This helps us to make the choices we feel negatively about become positive, while also helping to change our emotional experience. Physically, the violet flame can help to unlock emotions and energy pent up within that make us vulnerable to illness and disease so that we are then able to clear them.

This meditation can also be a way for to us express gratitude for Gaia and give back to the planet and its universe. Working with it daily is a wonderful opportunity for us to serve in planetary healing. It may be the basis for our daily meditation.  Like all spiritual disciplines it is best done every day at the same time.

Simple Violet Flame Meditation

 Picture a huge violet flame bonfire before you. Step into the flame, letting it surround you entirely while also filling the spaces in your body, your thoughts, even the cells and molecules within you.

You may like to affirm that you are cleansed and purified by the violet flame.

Focus on the positive things you’d like to create in your life. Visualize the violet flame in the midst of the scenes as they unfold on the canvas of your mind.

When you have finished your meditation, be sure to close with gratitude.

This practise may also be done any time throughout the day.

More In-depth Violet Flame Meditation




Begin by placing your body in a comfortable position. You may sit upright or lay down, whichever encourages the most relaxed bodily state. You may wish to play some quiet music to assist you to create a feeling of peace. If you have a clear quartz crystal then place it in your left hand and hold it in the region of your throat chakra. The crystal will serve to amplify and intensify the healing effect of this meditation. (Remember to cleanse your crystals at least weekly as they tend to accumulate disharmonious energies over time).

Begin the meditation by closing your eyes and visualising yourself way out in space orbiting the Planet Earth, looking down upon the earth spinning upon its axis. Visualise a beam of pure white light emanating from the centre of the brow and shining down upon the Earth. Combine this light with a feeling of unconditional love welling up from the centre of the breast. See any darkened areas upon the planet beginning to light up as you feel the Earth being freed from the chains of fear.

Focus now, this light charged with unconditional love upon the mineral Kingdom of the Earth, then the Devic Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, the Kingdom of Humanity, then finally the Kingdom of Souls. Relate now in loving enlightenment with all of these Kingdoms upon the Planet. Each with an equally important necessary role within the scheme of all that is upon the Planet and all that will be and has been upon the Planet.

Now send the love and light to any situation, circumstance or anyone you know to be in need of healing or anyone whom you have ill feeling towards or they towards you. This reduces and ultimately eliminates any negative energy which is flowing towards you and frees you from the chains of the past. You must will yourself to send this love unconditionally and without expectation of return. All of this energy ultimately returns to you as healing energy and enlightenment. Complete this segment with the following invocation:

I call upon the spirits of light to stand guard at the doorway to my soul,

Protect me from the forces of darkness and deception,

And guide me upon the pathway of love, light and truth.

I now commit myself to the light.

God is within all that is, God is within me, God within grow strong.

Visualise now a great flame of violet light totally surrounding and interpenetrating the beloved Earth. After several minutes of holding this image consciously, direct the flame to any trouble spots on the planet surface such as the sites of military conflict and environmental catastrophe and see and feel this conflict resolving into harmony. Cleansing and aligning and purifying the conflict upon the Planet so we may enter into an age of enlightenment free from the intense competitive struggle for existence.

Now concentrate the flame and send it down to yourself on the planet surface. Its purifying, refining action cleanses you of that which prevents you from freely expressing that which you truly are in essence.

Draw the flame in through the crown chakra high atop of the head, draw the flame then into each chakra in turn working down the spine. Upon reaching the base chakra feel the flame flood into the entire bloodstream to cleanse the physical body of all disharmony. Feel now the flame moving up and out into the subtle bodies of the auric field. Feel the flame cleansing the etheric, then emotional then the mental bodies to finally reach and flood into the soul. Complete this segment with the following affirmation:

I am, I am all that I am,

One with the universal mind, One with the source of all life,

I am one with all life forms and they are one with me.

I am love, I am light, I am peace. I am.

In that which I am,

I invoke the light of the teachers of the spiritual planes and beyond

And I refuse all communications which originate upon the astral plane. I am.

This meditation attunes you to the universal energies which are pouring into the planet to heal and restore loving harmony to our beloved sphere. As we serve as the channel for these healing energies so do we also transform ourselves into beings of love and light.

Feel yourself fully present in this moment, grounded yet feeling lighter, although within the body, feeling lighter, capsulated in Love, loving balance,

See yourself now surrounded by a protective nurturing bubble of light, tinged with deep royal blue, all of your energy centres functioning harmoniously. Feeling more stable and now returning to normal consciousness, enhanced by the light, the love and the peace.


Version 1.0 copyright 2102 Cosmosis Academy. All rights reserved. Dec. 12.Many thanks to the Cosmosis Academy for allowing the use of their material.



Where to now ?

Got issues with how your life is going? Sick of it all? Not interested in addictions, soulmate, to cover up  the pain?

Ah, yes, I know you . You are beginning  the spiritual journey  that makes all this earth living doable.

Well, the good news  is the spiritual journey has evolved. It was identified by the following ways  familiar ways of being and doing…retreat from the world, find a guru, meditate, use self control in all ways, follow the middle path , do unto others…etc.not necessarily in that order.

Yeah.Yeah. Got it.
That list is modified now…perhaps upgrades, shall we say. Now its find the guru within, meditate, develop mastery over the lower bodies,follow the middle path ,love unconditionally,  live an ordinary life in an extraordinary way. Live in the world , not of the world. Develop psychological clarity.

What ? Psychological clarity? What ? I get all the other requirements? Why psychological clarity?

Yes, it turns out that a cocktail of old suppressed emotions debilitates the body and heart and soul.
I know exactly what you are thinking.
Yes, I know. I thought the same thing. I thought if I didn’t focus on those unpleasant feelings, they would eventually dissipate and disappear.
I thought if I emersed myself in “good” actions ” right thinking , meditation, doing for others that the past would go away.
Certainly, those forms of meditation that take one above the fray would make all that unclear stuff go away. I could activate more and more chakras and never have to touch the funkiness of the planet again.

Not only did the suppressed unwanted feelings hang around , they had grown and festered in my mind. And yes, the new form would show up surprisingly at the most inoppportune times like an unwanted guest that you would never willingly invite to your home.

It would show at times like at the high point of a new venture or romance. Nothing like the past fears to hijack precious moments.

So being aware of these emotional bags of toxicity waiting to burst all over your new endeavor, project, partnership, or idea, is big. It’s important to recognize them if you want to make any progress .

They can have the disabling effect of failure making. One can believe its just not possible to succeed when in reality , its the old bits of you that you could not abide, that are showing up.

Once we recognize them, feel them, clear them, then off they go. All the energy it took to suppress them now comes to us. No more wasting away of your enjoyment of life,

In the end, it is an act of self love to transform these formerly unloved, toxic bits of us back into the mix of our energy systems. The choice is to clear them or further degrade our systems.

Really,its like would you like a drink of mud or water ? Its a choiceless choice , I say.

Psychological clarity is being clear, free of the toxic mental and emotional debris that swims in us and in the collective consciousness . And it takes daily maintenance.

After 12 years of developing the muscle and courage to transform these unloved bits of me , I see life differently. I see people differently. And of course I see me differently.

All the categories that we love to put each other in around color, income, religion, etc. just don’t make sense when one factors in all the times in the past that we chose to overlook what we truly feel, swallow our words , lie, or settle for second best. These behaviors change us , blur our vision, and have us pointing blame outside of ourselves each time we choose them.

This is the potency of psychological clarity. Once the unloved bit is transformed, the situation that was so intolerable , unfair , or unsuccessful changes .

Got issues with how your life is going? If you are alive , you may have an issue or two that is gnawing at you.

Isn’t it comforting to know that there is at least one way to living on the planet with optimism and hope….even joy. Engaging with tools for psychological clarity as part of your spiritual journey  may not be your way  .There are many doors.

Go ahead, walk through one ,explore.

Let me know what you find.