Belonging to Love

we may find ourselves a bit angry when we realize that things we can grasp with our hands will  only  temporarily satisfy us, shift our attention from the deep ache to belong to Love real and true , everlasting , uncondtional  

Love Teacher

In the last year, I feel I have come upon the most resistant , fearful feelings that live inside of  me. And what a big help it turns out to be that I learned and still  review simple tools  to let this fear go..albeit slowly, at times… Holding on to fears is disease in the … More Love Teacher

Choose Love

The time for pondering, maybe I will , maybe I won’t, i f s//he does first, I will . We  simply and emphatically have  to grow up, be the bigger person, let life thrive on the planet Lets use the stuff we cant abide in another to be a mirror to heal  that same quality … More Choose Love

Choosy Artist

judgement is the color we paint on life’s canvas when we have forgotten to say thank YOU for this part of the journey. our painting evokes despair. let us create with Wonder’s eyes envsioning bold hues lovingly grace our being and doing . let us release the burden we thought we had to carry for … More Choosy Artist