Heart’s Knowing

We have  thrilling experiences of gathering , laughing , learning

We return to our lives



and we want that

something more

all the time.

I grieve the loss

of  you,

the loss

of you,

the loss of


the loss



in u.

We are not promised


We have only seconds sometimes

to connect.

We may

do it powerfully

and expand to more than we were before .

or we may avoid contact

and dig ourselves

further into monotony,

walking zombies,

going nowhere.

Loss is but the opportunity

to give more love

to the next

one we meet.







I could give myself totally to you, if I were as courageous as I once thought myself to be. Now I find the cleverest of excuses , never fooling myself for long.

I feel backed into a corner , my own design. I want to be here. from here there is no where else to run. there is no retreat.

No pain is too much. No sorrow too great to know.

Nothing measures up to the greatness of the loss of  you.

From here I can offer you all that I am . What I see of me and what I don’t.

It is an act of surrender .

I breathe

for you,

to know you

ever more.