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When you love someone, the best thing you can give is your presence. How can you love someone if you are not there?”Thich Nhat Hanh

You and I must show up. We walk in the world masking  ourselves and our strengths. It’s safer that way. No odd looks, ostracism. We can feel that we belong , included.

We know in our inner most hearts we are different . There’s no need to try to convince ourselves otherwise.

We try  to fool others yet they sense that there is something more, that we aren’t showing them all our cards. As we look around the world we see what the result of swallowing one’s words, sitting on one’s wisdom can be.


Education is integral to the process of change. Otherwise, we swim around in circles in our old ways gaining neither depth,insight,  nor the muscular advantage provided through challenge.

Enjoy becoming ever more  courageous and present with them.

Happy Holi-days

Books ( most of these are older , yet timely )

The  INitiate ( series of 3 )

Oversoul Seven

Mahatma 1 and 2-  Brian Grattan

Crystal Alchemy – Michael King

Nursing by Heart- Julie Skinner

Eckert Tolle’s books





I could give myself totally to you, if I were as courageous as I once thought myself to be. Now I find the cleverest of excuses , never fooling myself for long.

I feel backed into a corner , my own design. I want to be here. from here there is no where else to run. there is no retreat.

No pain is too much. No sorrow too great to know.

Nothing measures up to the greatness of the loss of  you.

From here I can offer you all that I am . What I see of me and what I don’t.

It is an act of surrender .

I breathe

for you,

to know you

ever more.