Do you know

Stormy Night

that you paint the pictures

of my desires frustrated

upon the windows and doors of this town?

In the last violent gust

I felt an outworn

response to situations

I cannot change .

Now, breathing


this in -between ,

still moment ,

my muscles relax,

all of me receives

the knowing

that desiring nothing

eases my inner storm.

i accept

that this is where i am.

this present is the result

of my past choices.

i have learned

i can fight

what is before me

or  I can envelope

every part of me

in gratitude

to be in partnership with life

more intimately

knowing the door to

unforeseen new




as I


what is

here and








Self Acceptance

this morning when you showed , as you always do , i stayed with you. i let you become part of my landscape, part of who i am and what I know.

i was more courageous i could love u.

today it did not matter that u were different than i had hoped for. today i saw u as u are.

today it did not matter. today i became one with u .

i held out my arms to u,let u under the warm cloak of comfort that nurtures the rest of me

today i protected u,

the fight is over ,

no more pushing u away

out of sight,

no more need to mask

what you truly are

on separate sides

are we ,

no longer.