Healing of the Reptilian Mind

today the slicing cut of exclusion came in to my awareness. I saw myself in my mind’s eyes, standing alone, apart from the group. disconnected.

” that can never be in truth. in truth for wherever IAM there will you be also. “thank u wise inner coach  for holding that reality steady in my vision.

eyes to see are uncovered now.i have stopped  the icy, pummelting blows of judgement on self and on those i attract to  mirror  to me my inner behavior.

The depth of sorrow in separation  is self imposed.

Held up with gossamer safety pins  of judgement that feel like steel ,

Pieces of me were scattered to the hinterlands to be punished for whatever it was my ego self could not abide

causing my exile

as rar away as i could send them in my imagination,i sent them

in my shame, out of disgust

the door to the past slammed shut

with so much of me  locked inside.


i allow the weighted ghosts to fly to their place of belonging,

no longer locked in time

that was not theirs to know.

my presence, is here and now

taking up space

determined to


what is

transforming it to

its highest potential

this requested rescue of me took place over time

as I,

a cell in the body of life grew

in desire to do my part

to play my note in the grand symphony

whether joyful

or not,

today i feel at home in the heart of life

at home wherever I am







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The Reptilian brain is responsible for  our survival, fight, flight , or freeze responses.


TheReptilian brain is rsponsible for survival