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COMING SOON  : EBOOK : Self  Reflection

eBOOK : Self Reflection

Sample writing and an activity from my workbook to get you moving forward on journey of self discovery.




Healthcare Websites

The links below are resources that I have found helpful for well being. There are NO endorsements or guarantees as everyone’s system is different. Keep checking back because I will add to the list.

Enjoy !

Dr. cbd oil and treatment info on emotional wounds that  cause disease info on essential oils


Gemstone Jewelry





Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Amethyst





Blue Tiger Eye, Pearls


Let gemstones lighten your journey. I create semi precious gemstone jewelry from the basic list recommended by Michael G.King, noted teacher and  author, in his book Crystal Alchemy.

That list is: Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst,  Blue Tiger Eye ( shown above), and  Chrysophrase .

To begin your piece requires a conversation with me then a 50% deposit of the total cost.

The designs I am now creating are pictured. They are meant to be pieces that strongly support you through periods of being surrounded by many people , chaotic conditions,

or periods of transition, either or physical .

You simply choose the gemstones  that you would like  to wear. Variations of the designs are also possible. All pieces will have the netting  integrated into the design ., however, the amount of netting and placement of it will be different.


 Essential OILS ( not currently available through this website or me)


Essential OILs , or medicines from plants are part  of my everyday routine. Many resources exist online to learn how to use them. I purchase from a source that grows the plants organically. Young Living is my store of choice.


yL pic

You can purchase your own at the distributor price of 24% discount ( see video to enroll Yes, I want the distributor price or I want to sell products. )


To buy retail simply follow the link below and choose the retail option.

I want to order Young Living products at the retail price.
My ID numbers  are 14454500 and information are already inserted on the order form for you when you click the link.

I recommend the following:

peppermint- meditation focus, headaches, stomach

lavender- calmness

nutmeg – cognitive support







Aging  Well supplements

These may be found at Natural Grocers or  Life .


Vitamin D and K

Rhodiola- extra energy

Progensa Plus – plant estrogen  for women


Aging WELL practices

Water- Drinking enough water supports hair growth. lowering blood pressure, supple skin, sleep, and more.


qigong – 5 animals is a popular ancient routine with many variations across regions. It is created to target the toning of different organs in the body as each movement nis practiced.  Ease arthritis through the practice of the movements.

It is simple and enjoyable.

Meditation-  movement, guided, silent. just do it.


Eckert Tolle series

The INitiate Series

Crystal Alchemy