Let gemstones lighten your journey. I create semi precious gemstone jewelry from the basic list recommended by Michael G.King in his book Crystal Alchemy.

That list is: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Jade, Smoky Quartz, Blue Tiger Eye ( shown above).

To begin your piece requires a conversation with me and a $50 deposit.

The designs I am now creating are pictured. you simply choose the gemstones  that you would like  to wear. Variations of the designs are also possible. All pieces will have the netting  integrated into the design ., however, the amount of netting and placement of it will be different.

Necklaces start at $175 USD.           Bracelets start at $ 125 USD.


Essential Oils ( see my blog post for more information)

Essential OILs , or medicines from plants are part o f my everyday routine. Many resources exist online to learn how to use them. I line to purchase from a source that grows the plants organically. Young Living is my store of choice.

You can purchase your own at the distributor price of 24% discount by signing up here.  My ID numbers  are 14454500.


Anti Aging supplements