“Linda has a way of getting to the heart of a matter with clarity, compassion, honesty, and humor.”



 1. Basic Energy HYgiene  Prep : Clatsop College

Most of us want to create  harmony  with  “imperfect ”  others by changing them or the situations outside of ourselves. Self Mastery tools support you to change how you respond to others or situations to create more from harmony within.

This 6 week class preps participants for the followup Intro to Energy Hygiene workshop. Join us for self reflection activities, group coaching, and guided meditations to relax.


Jan.17 , 2018 Feb 28, excluding Feb 14

Wednesdays : 6-8 pm

To register, please visit clatsopcollege.edu


What my students  appreciate….

“I ‘m humbled by my struggles and also knowing that I’m not so different from others. I value knowing that self reflection is my key to unlocking the doors to where I want to go.” 

“...unbiased reflection “

“experience and empathy on feedback…”

” group sharing, grounding exercises,permission to remember to self intuit, self love, be present ”



2. Intro to Energetic Hygiene – Online / in person workshops

Vintage claw-foot bathtub with foam and bubbles, nice illustration of taking a showerThis presentation will introduce participants to some of the basic concepts of what creates a clear and energized space within themselves so they can approach their daily lives in a manner that can help them stay focused, calm, centered and be more of who they truly are regardless of what’s going on around them. It will look at the importance of Energetic Hygiene -what this means, how to do it, and give the participants some handy tools to begin practicing right away and then take them through a process to get them started.


Participants will learn the following:

* What is energetic hygiene?    * Why is it important?

* Being aligned and centered

* Energetic cords and connections and how to clear them

* Energetic clearing       * Energy protection

* How to put it all together in a simple practice that can be done immediately


Date and Time: December  20 . by invitation only

Place:  Zoom  webinar workshop . The link is sent  to you upon payment of registration fee.

Fee: $

Facilitator: Linda Lawson     Self Mastery Mentor and Coach


To register for the online workshops  ,submit the form below. I will send you a Paypal invoice.




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    “Through the richness of her life’s journey, Linda holds an expansive presence of love that surrounds you and nurtures you, helping you heal yourself back into wholeness. “

    Arlene Cohen Miller, Transformational  Healer and Intuitive

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    Thank you Linda for helping me to develop more confidence and to believe more in myself.  You gently guided me through the process of creating liberating thoughts that led to actions. I am able to lift myself up by hearing a more positive inner voice.  Thank you for your gentleness.  It meant the world to me.Tracey Dodson, Stay at home Mom

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    “I don’t know for certain, but it seems to me that just about anyone these days would be inclined to agree that a place to feel safe is an extremely rare and precious find.   And what if such a ‘place’ had a voice and a big  heart and was able to converse with you through such a way of compassion that you soon found the capacity within yourself to go places that had never felt safe before. I’m talking about the here-to-fore scary places inside that were always better off denied – those sleeping dogs of the ‘shadow self’ better left undisturbed.

    Somewhere along the way I picked up a bit of longing for that grandmotherly sort of kindness secreting a gift for whatever soul might choose to sit upon her knee; a gift of that brand of strength to share that makes it possible to wake those dogs, one by one, and tame them, and having done so, to find that it has made you a better person…a person feeling safer now within the confines of your own skin.

    I’ve spent a considerable amount of time being coached and counseled by Linda Lawson.  She is that ‘rare find’ to which I refer.  She brings just this kind of place to bear; an amazing place where ‘impossible’ changes can occur, and I am better for having walked there with her. ”

    Dr. Miles Moody, Author, Storyteller, Life Coach,North Carolina

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      “I noticed a sudden shift after or during each session due to her ability  to hold my highest good in a loyal space. Linda’s gifts and talents assisted me to move forward through my fears and concerns very quickly and gave me peace and clarity each time.”

      Megan O’ Nan, Life Coach, Speaker

      Author of Creating Your Heaven on Earth

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      “During the Embracing Loss sessions, I experienced a deep level of healing and clarity through Linda’s sensitivity to listen and guide me to a richer and heart healing path. Thank you Linda for helping me accept who I am, where I am in this beautiful journey we all take. “Cindy, Educator and Parent


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5 thoughts on “Self Mastery Classes

  1. Hi Linda, I’m very interested in your Intro to Energetic Hygiene Dec 10, but unfortunately am not available that day. In the future will you have another on-line Intro course?
    Thank you


    1. Laura,

      Thank you for your interest in the online workshop. I am running some test workshops with people to work the kinks out with the software. The workshop will be free to those selected.
      It will likely be two one hour sessions . I will need feedback from each person selected .
      Would you be interested in being one of my test students? We will book the workshop in consideration of both our schedules.

      Two particpants is what I want for the first run.
      If you are interested, I will send you a little survey to complete.


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