What is Self Mastery ?

In a nutshell , self mastery is self control. Further defined, self mastery enables one to have say in how her/his life unfolds. It is a simple path ,yet, it is not easy.
You becoming new can potentially be a daily happening as each insight, each realization is received…by you. Continuing practice strengthens your ability to choose how you respond in the moment to life’s ups and downs. Each singular moment of choice determines your future direction.

Beginning levels  of self mastery study are about creating a strong foundation for your life long journey . There is more to us than most of us know through personal experience.
The movies and some seemingly harmless psychotrophic drugs may give glimpses of the more ” glamorous ” aspects of self discovery with disproportionate importance. Some weekend workshops promise you the hard earned diligence of lifetimes ,that of becoming a master, an avatar, for a fee and minor inconvenience to your schedule.
And still, quietly, the natural path of self discovery , travelled by the ancient wise ones, is alive and well. It requires our enthusiastic and ,undeterred desire to do and be better people. It requires commitment to discover our more expansive selves.
You will find no isms here as you enter into your true heart. That which  is shared is the out of the knowing of many paths to self ascension. It is universal.
Let your heart be your guide. It will call out to you in ways  that you cannot ignore when you are ready to learn more. Pay attention.
Many paths lead to self mastery. I share glimpses of my study and practice of fifteen years thru classes and coaching.Welcome .come in and walk with me a while. I have been waiting for you.

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