Relax into Meditation Class

Zen Rocks

Join us  as we learn and practice simple ways to  heal ourselves and the planet. After a brief checkin ,the class contains the following :

Qi Gong Health Exercises

We practice a  set of health exercises to release energy that is trapped in our bodies.  This set of exercises supports us  to relax and to  heal more efficiently.

Planetary Healing and Harmony Meditation 

On a regular basis, I meet good hearted people who are strongly concerned about the health of our society and planet. They are frustrated and despairing, saying to me , ” I don’t know what to do . I know fighting against hurtful circumstances makes them stronger. What can I , one person, do that will make a difference ?”

You don’t have to feel powerless and useless as you observe disharmony that seems to be in so many areas of the planet.  One very valuable and simple way to clear discordant energies in the world and oneself  is by practicing  meditation for healing and harmony .

Learn these simple tools  that you can do at home in your “me time “‘ moments everyday. We are very thankful to  meet weekly in beautiful Cannon Beach .

All levels of meditators are welcomed .

Facilitator: Linda Lawson, Masters in Education, Self Mastery Coach


Class info:

Time: 11:00-11:45am

Day: 1st,2nd,3rd Sundays monthly  , except holidays

Location: Tolovana Hall, sessions begin promptly

Donation:    $10  drop in ,  $35 month








TO HOST RELAX INTO MEDITATION at your location, for conferences or retreats:


  • Groups , business, schools  interested in hosting this class either once for special retreats and conferences or ongoing , please submit your request on the contact form below. The  details will be sent to you including the fee schedule., followed up by a phone call.
  • Customize your class to your group’s needs . Group Coaching time may be extended  for  an  additional fee .


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