SISTA’ : Recovering from Oppression

Group coaching for women of African descent. Let’s talk …heart to heart.

Are you covering up your anger, hurt , or devastation because others do not recognize

your humanity ?

Where do we begin to heal such a long ignored legacy of woundedness?

I learned thru building daily foundational habits how to transform how I was experiencing the world. At the beginning point , I only saw through the clouded lens of one whose genetic line took the assaults of victimization .

Transforming the victim in oneself requires your heart’s desire and the courage to see it through. It is necessary initially to acknowledge honestly to ourselves what we have done to cope . In self transformation we let go of the past, one bit at a time .We must make room for the new.

In relationships, change involves you and other. We know from wisdom, long established universally, that changing ourselves is what allows us to empower ourselves most effectively and efficiently.

Therefore, let us begin with looking at the face in the mirror. Let us explore what it reflects to us.

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