Is Life Coaching for Me?

Through Life Coaching ,people are discovering the value of being heard, of being felt . of connecting with themselves and others.

There are many ways we  create distractions from recognizing  what is movitating us  or eating at us . Life Coaching  with Linda supports you to accept  your past choices or   regrets, and to make new ones that line up with your heartfelt intentions.

So what is is the value of this acceptance? Peace of mind  and  contentment  cannot be  bought . They can be momentarily replaced by people, or things or places, but when its all said and done and you are alone with a heart than cannot open , the despair seems unending.

The process of  self renewal  can begin very simply and also remain simple . There is no prescription for how the process must unfold. The only requirement is to enter into it because you want support to change yourself or your life.

Perhaps you are seeing yourself continue to express harmful emotions or  self denigrating  behaviors over time even after leaving a person or place only to find the new person treats you the same or even worse. Or maybe you have been sitting with a dream to make real on the ground..

Get a taste of  Life  unencumbered.   Take me up on my free  20 minute consultation offer. Book now.






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