Intro to Energy Hygiene Seminar

” Linda brings together a powerful set of tools for working with one’s own energy. Her approach is practical and grounded in the everyday, and is deeply rooted in the Spiritual pursuit of greater love.”  Kestrel, Artist,Author

What is Energy Hygiene ?

Lets start with ourselves.

Imagine how it would be to go without a shower or bath for years? Pretty challenging ? Yes, your life would  likely be affected both personally and professionally.

Your energy system needs to be cleaned as well. Stored emotional charge blocks us from expressing healthy emotional and physical responses to  our circumstances .  We can’t discern our wisest direction  when we are feeling charged.We make decisions based on externalities rather than our heart’s knowing.

Learn these simple steps to daily clean your energy system .You can let go of  feeling yourself a victim to life.  You can let go of outworn, hurting feelings and flow through the challenges  and changes in your life  with more ease .

Energy Hygiene creates  strong boundaries, greater self awareness, increased self worth.  It is an act of  self love to release toxic emotional residue from your system.

REGISTER : Intro to Energy Hygiene Seminar

This seminar is an introduction to the Intro to Energy Hygiene course. It can also be booked at your location for your organization serving women in any manner. Please contact me for fees for organizations. A minimum of five participants is required to book this seminar at your location.


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