Intro to Energy Hygiene Workshop


Copy of RENEW U



” Linda brings together a powerful set of tools for working with one’s own energy. Her approach is practical and grounded in the everyday, and is deeply rooted in the Spiritual pursuit of greater love.”  Kestrel Gates, Author , Artist


” I enjoyed Linda’s direct presentation . She has a kind manner and is able to articulate the tools in a way that I can understand. ” Cindy, Co – Owner . Wellness Business


How would it be to go without cleaning your body for years? Pretty challenging?

Your energy system needs regular cleaning ,too. This you can do for yourself.

Learn and practice at our INtro workshop. Daily Cleaning and protecting your energy system is transformative and simple.



  •  South Campus Clatsop College in Seaside: September 29 .   10am -12 noon
  • South Campus Clatsop College in Seaside: September 29. 10 am – 12 noon.

To register: visit or register in person at the workshop.


Private Class:

*   Online –  90 minute Energy Hygiene  teleclass, scheduled by appointment .  Wednesdays –   1  pm.

Fill out the contact form online on the Contact Us page . I will contact you within 24 hours to answer any questions you may have prior to class.

Energy Hygiene Teleclass


Full Refunds are available till 24 hours before the class. 50% refund is with less than 24 hours or no notice in advance.




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