SIS series

SIS means strong inner self . It is  multigenerational, multicultural self care
approach  for women who have experienced sexual abuse.. SIS is a series of  study ranging from personal development to beginning self mastery. You do not need to have experienced abuse to attend. 



Self Renewal

Lets start with ourselves.

How would it be to go without a shower or bath for years? Pretty challenging ? Yes, probably your life would be affected both personally and professionally.

Your energy system needs to cleaned as well. Stored emotional charge blocks us from expressing healthy emotional and physical responses to  our circumstances . Doctors are beginning to see a relationship between our emotional and physical challenges.

Learn these simple steps for self renewal .You can let go of outworn hurting feelings and flow through the challenges  and changes in your life  with more ease .

Energy Hygiene is one of the first steps to take in assuming responsibility for how your life unfolds.


This workshop and coursework  is great for anyone. If you are working or living near many people all day , you are being influenced by the energy they hold as well as your own. This class  is especially pertinent for you.

” Linda brings together a powerful set of tools for working with one’s own energy. Her approach is practical and grounded in the everyday, and is deeply rooted in the Spiritual pursuit of greater love.”  Kestrel, Artist,Author

SIS Workshop 

This workshop is an introduction to Energy Hygiene. It is offered weekly , online only at this time. Keep posted for classes in the Portland,Salem, Eugene area.


I very much enjoyed working with Linda in her Energy Hygiene course.  Linda provides a calm space of unconditional love and acceptance to assist one who is searching for answers and direction . She gives tools to continue the journey of growth and expanded consciousness and in finding your highest self.  Linda helps one to define goals, uncover blocks and assist in personal growth.

Luanne , Cannon Beach



The SIS Course includes the  workshop and the followup indepth application of the tools you learned .The course includes ( 3 ) three 30 minute personal coaching sessions  , and ( 3) three in depth instruction classes, and handouts.

week 1 : workshop

week 2:  in depth instruction

week 3 : personal coaching

week 4 :  in depth instruction

week 5 : personal coaching

week 6:  in depth instruction

week 7: personal coaching

Sessions are the same time each week. Participants must register one week before the start of the course. Once you have registered, you will be sent details for the first session.


What’s weighing on your heart?  Perhaps you are feeling anger,  heartbreak, guilt ,shame,  unloved,  unaccepted, isolated, or depressed ? Heart disease is linked to  stressed emotional health. Your sense of well being is compromised .

These small, group sessions include instruction and coaching  which support you increase your emotional well being .

You can choose how to respond to life’s ups and downs. Each coaching session includes a self mastery tool to practice on your

Group Coaching Sessions  includes :

art blur close up color

drawing  , journaling, self reflection … sharing



  Through guided meditation , we attune to our highest, brightest, clearest  self . This develops our ability to embrace what is presently occurring for us and sheds light on the way forward.


letting  go of the old



African American girl relaxing at the beach.
qi gong forms for the heart

Greeting ourselves anew daily is the potential one has when one clears her/his energy system daily. Your view of the world can be ever brighter to you everyday with continuing practice.

Dates: 1st Sundays monthly

Times: 2-4 pm

Location: TBA


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