How is Your Energy Hygiene? workshop. course. coaching





” Linda brings together a powerful set of tools for working with one’s own energy. Her approach is practical and grounded in the everyday, and is deeply rooted in the Spiritual pursuit of greater love.”  Kestrel, Artist,Author

How would it be to go without a shower or bath for years? Pretty challenging ? Yes, probably your life would be affected both personally and professionally.

Your energy system needs to cleaned as well. Stored emotional charge blocks us from having insightful , mature responses to circumstances . Learn to clear out the old, rise above the fray , and flow through the challenges  and changes, in your life .

Energy Hygiene is one of the first steps to take in assuming responsibility for how your life unfolds.


This workshop and coursework  is great for anyone. If you are working or living near many all day , you are being influenced by the energy they hold . It is especially pertinent for you.

INtro to Energy Hygiene Workshop 

This monthly workshop is being offered online only at this time.

Dates: 1st Sundays  @ 2-3:30pm  PST




I very much enjoyed working with Linda in her Energy Hygiene series.  Linda provides a calm space of unconditional love and acceptance to assist one who is searching for answers and direction  She gives tools to continue the journey of growth and expanded consciousness and in finding your highest self.  Linda helps one to define goals, uncover blocks and assist in personal growth.

Luanne , Cannon Beach



INtro to Energy Hygiene Value Package 

The Energy Hygiene Package includes the  workshop and the followup course .The course includes  the workshop , ( 3 ) three 30 minute personal coaching sessions  , and

( 3) three in depth instruction classes, and handouts.

This  package is being offered  online only at this time.

This seven week course includes the introductory workshop. It is followed by group  instruction and personal coaching.

It is in depth learning and guidance on how to apply the tools learned in the workshop. Each instruction session is 30 minutes. Each coaching session is 30 minutes.

week 1 : workshop

week 2:  in depth instruction

week 3 : personal coaching

week 4 :  in depth instruction

week 5 : personal coaching

week 6:  in depth instruction

week 7: personal coaching


The course is designed for  individual or small group instruction. This course is offered  online only at this time.  The sessions are the same time each week. Participants must register one week before the start of the course. Once you have registered, you will be sent details for the first session.

Dates: Wednesdays @ 4pm


















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