Intro to Energy Hygiene : Course Followup and Group Coaching

Energetic Boundaries and Protection

Energy Hygiene Course

“I appreciate Linda’s ability to listen without judgement, picking out salient points to work on and sharing tools to do so.  There were some new tools for me that were introduced and I’ve had a good time practicing them and adding them to my current practice.  The handouts were most helpful.

I very much enjoyed working with Linda in her Energy Hygiene series.  Linda provides a calm space of unconditional love and acceptance to assist one who is searching for answers and direction  She gives tools to continue the journey of growth and expanded consciousness and in finding your highest self.  Linda helps one to define goals, uncover blocks and assist in personal growth.” LuAnne.Cannon Beach ,OR .

The course includes 4 sessions of in depth learning application and coaching of the Energy Hygiene tools . It is a followup to the Seminar.

Sessions are held weekly for one month. Participants must register one week before the start of the course. Once you have registered, you will be sent the simple  pre course information.







African American girl relaxing at the beach.

Greeting ourselves anew daily is our potential  when we clear and protect our energy system daily. Your view of the world can be ever brighter to you everyday with consistant practice. 

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