Energy Hygiene Package

I very much enjoyed working with Linda in her Energy Hygiene series.  Linda provides a calm space of unconditional love and acceptance to assist one who is searching for answers and direction  She gives tools to continue the journey of growth and expanded consciousness and in finding your highest self.  Linda helps one to define goals, uncover blocks and assist in personal growth.

Luanne , Cannon Beach




Learn to clear out the old and rise above the fray in your life . Energy Hygiene is one of the first steps to take in assuming responsibility for how your life unfolds.

This eight week course includes an introductory workshop. It is followed by group  instruction and personal coaching.

It is in depth learning and guidance on how to apply the tools learned in the workshop. Each instruction session is 45 minutes. Each coaching session is 30 minutes.

It  is held either  via video conferencing software or in person,  by appointment .

week 1 : workshop

week 2: group in depth instruction

week 3 : personal coaching

week 4 : group in depth instruction

week 5 : personal coaching

week 6: group in depth instruction

week 7: personal coaching

week 8 : group closing. evaluations. testimonials.

The course is intentionally designed for small group instruction.


UPCOMING COURSE SCHEDULE :  Wednesdays from October 31st -December 16th – 7 pm, via ZOOM

Value Package 

The Energy Hygiene Package includes the  workshop and the followup course .The course includes  ( 3 ) three 30 minute personal coaching sessions .

Energy Hygiene Value Package

Ready to do your own clearing of your energy system ? Get in depth training and practice with this combination of group instruction and personal coaching. We meet weekly over a period of 8 weeks.






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