Private and Group COACHING




For some experiences there are no words , I know.

Simply being there holding a strong , loving presence is the medicine, the soothing balm we need. For others we need to hear ourselves speak out loud , receive reflection , to practice hearing and following our own wisdom. And for others, one who has walked a similar path, simply knowing they did, being inspired by their journey is the way for us.

Please contact me to move forward. Let’s talk, heart to heart.



These small, group sessions include heart based instruction and coaching  which support those interested in the concerns of women to choose how to respond to life’s ups and downs. You will practice simple tools to develop greater self awareness .Topics vary by the needs of the group.

Learning is magnified in a group setting. We celebrate the opportunity to come together and  contribute to another’s understanding  by sharing our challenges and victories.  In addition, you  receive feedback specific to your situation .

Groups are composed of   2 to  5 people . They are 90 minutes in duration. Fees are based on the size of the group sharing the session with the most affordable fees assigned  to a 5 person session. Please Contact US for the Fee Schedule.


SIS Coaching Sessions include :




drawing  , journaling, sharing





Genuine friendships form out of valuing another’s journey and their courage and generosity  to share their challenges .





your-consciousness             guided meditation












pexels-photo-984472.jpeg   reflecting on what makes us who we are now



pexels-photo-712413.jpeg  letting  go of the old


greeting ourselves anew


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