LIFE COACHING : private /group




For some experiences there are no words , I know.

Simply being there holding a strong , loving presence is the medicine, the soothing balm we need. For others we need to hear ourselves speak out loud , receive reflection , to practice hearing and following our own wisdom. And for others, one who has walked a similar path, simply knowing they did, being inspired by their journey is the way for us.

Private Life Coaching is 60 minutes.

Private Coaching Options:

$1 per  minute  Coaching

$1 per minute telephone coaching is also available on  Tuesdays  from 10am – 3 pm   only with a 20 minute minimum time period. Use the Contact Me/Book NOW  schedule your appointment. I will invoice you for the time period you desire .  Appointments are paid in advance. Coupons are not valid with this service.


Standard Coaching Session

One hour coaching sessions are scheduled by appointment on Monday 7-8 pm. Saturdays 2-4 pm are also available.



Standard Coaching Package

Standard Life Coaching Package

Four private one hour sessions via phone or in person. Coupons are valid for this package. ( Please email me for an invoice request to use your coupon.)






“Through the richness of her life’s journey, Linda holds an expansive presence of love that surrounds you and nurtures you, helping you heal yourself back into wholeness. “
Arlene Cohen Miller, Longmont,Colorado


Do you desire to be heard and acknowledged?

Do you notice you have  a self defeating  thought ,emotion, or behavior pattern ?
Do you want support to make a change ?
Bring your interest or challenge to share. Personal feedback is included and is  optional.

These small, group sessions include instruction and coaching  which support you  to attain greater self control . Choose how to respond to life’s ups and downs. Each coaching session includes a self mastery tool to practice on your own.

Learning is magnified in a group setting. I honor the opportunity to come together and  contribute to each other’s  understanding  by sharing our challenges and victories.  In addition, each participant  receives feedback specific to her/his  journey.

Group  coaching is   2 to 7 people . The sessions  are 75-90  minutes in duration. Fees are per person.

Group Coaching Sessions include :

art blur close up color

drawing  , journaling, self reflection … sharing


your-consciousness  Through guided meditation , we attune to our highest, brightest, clearest  self . This develops  our ability to embrace what is presently occurring for us and sheds light on the way forward.



pexels-photo-712413.jpeg  letting  go of the old

African American girl relaxing at the beach.

Greeting ourselves anew daily is the potential one has when one clears her/his energy system daily. Your view of the world can be ever brighter to you everyday with continuing practice.



Session details:

Dates: Sundays .  Nov. 18

Time: 2- 3:30 pm

Location : Tolovana Hall in Cannon Beach

Materials needed: simple drawing supplies and sketchbook ( journal size )

Introductory Special Fee: $25 per person/ for your first  session ( coupons are not valid with this service)


To reserve your spot, register now:


Group Coaching Package

4 weekly sessions at 90 minute maximum each. Coupons are valid for this package. ( Please email me for an in voice to use your coupon.)



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