Got Boundaries? Seminar

How safe do you feel ? Where in your life do you find it difficult or impossible to say “NO” ? 

The audience for these sessions is multigenerational and multicultural people who identify as women.  The coaching and coursework support you to expand your self worth journey of holding strong boundaries, both physically and energetically.

This introductory session of Got Boundaries ? is composed of self reflective activities that develop your awareness of how you are holding boundaries as you relate to others. The seminars and coaching bring practical tools and self reflection to those whose boundaries are too weak or nonexistent.

Participants will set a goal and work on it in follow up, small group ,coaching sessions. Each follow up session includes practicing a guided meditation .

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This seminar is especially recommended for women who have weak sexual boundaries. It does not intend to replace counseling for date rape, sexual assault ,or abuse.

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