1. What is Life Coaching?                                                                                               

 Life Coaching takes many forms. My training is to establish an agreement between my client and myself .Through coaching conversations, I support my client  to make any desired changes that arise from her own heart’s knowing. My training also included Energy Hygiene practice.

2. I have things I don’t want tell anyone, but they are really eating at me.  Can a life coach help me ?

It’s always best to work with someone you  trust.  Because the sessions are judgement free, most people find sharing ,even hurtful memories, possible  and worthwhile.

3. It sounds like a good idea  but , I am pretty busy. How can I fit in another thing to do?

When we are weary of repeating our self destructive patterns , clearing them becomes a natural priority. Until then, we  create distractions tp keep us  from recognizing  what is motivating us or eating at us. Staying very busy is one way we do this.

We continue to express harmful emotions or  self denigrating  behaviors over time even after leaving a person or place only to find the new person treats us the same or even worse.

Similarly,  we can be sitting with a dream to make real on the ground. What’s holding us back ?

Life can be different.

Peace of mind, fullfillment,  and  contentment  cannot be  bought . They can be momentarily replaced by people, or things or places, but when its all said and done and you find yourself  with a heart than cannot open , the despair seems unending.

4. How do I choose a life coach? 

Most coaches have a particular focus. My focus is supporting women to develop stronger energetic boundaries  and to clear their energy systems. Many subsequent skills come along with learning these tools.

5. What does being a Health Tests Consultant have to do with life coaching?

I find that when one has given priority to other people, ideas, or things in their lives over clearing out the emotional wounds of yesterday , then sickness and disease naturally result. Tests are another preventive measure to take before severe distress to the body takes hold. Energy Hygiene and coaching are part of a successful healing process. They work together well.

6. What forms of payment do you take?

Cash, Paypal and  credit cards. An installment payment plan is in process . ( tba)

Get a taste of  Life  unencumbered.   Schedule your free 30 minute  session. BOOK NOW.


*My deepest gratitude goes out to Michael King, Segolene King, Amy Falconbridge, Nerida Miles, Linda Koen, Julie Skinner , and Belinda  Baillie and  Global Coaching Academy team, and the Cosmosis Mentoring  Centre  team.  Thank you for your tireless mentoring  and modeling of unconditional acceptance and love. I am honored and humbled to be a part of bringing  the cutting edge , transformational understanding of  life’s journey that you impart to those who cross paths with me.Edit”FAQs”

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