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Linda Lawson . Self Mastery Mentor and Coach                                           *   heart2heartcoaching .org  has grown into heartlink-ed.com                



If you have ever felt out of place , as if you don’t belong here in a  world  where so much hurting of each other and hurting of  self happens , then welcome .

Come in.

HOME, that is exactly where you are . You’ve landed into a space of nurture , a place where you created for you, the weary , yet strong , sensitive ones out there being your best selves everyday .

Wherever you are on the planet, I welcome you. Perhaps it is better said as we welcome you, for I shall  also place within these digital walls inspiration from others who tread before you.

Remember with me how to get back to a way of being that is our true nature. One in which we understand that we are part of a greater whole. That all that we have and all that we be lies in potential within us.

Find your way as I share mine. I am not sufferring here any longer.

I have found ways to live life more fully each day. Heartlink-Ed’s Menu includes information on Basic Self Mastery Classes , Relax into Meditation classes , and Blog Posts of insightful  writings .

Come in.

Stay a while .

Let us journey together to that space within, where all lies in potential, where you may find the essence that is you, where you may be restored , uplifted, and renewed.

I pass on this simple little mantra below that was shared with me :


God is within all that is,

God is within me,

God within grow strong.


Repeat this mantra to yourself when you need a boost to take the next step,whatever it is.

Welcome HOME.


**My deepest gratitude goes out to Michael King, Segolene King, Amy Falconbridge, Nerida Miles, Linda Koen, Julie Skinner , and Belinda  Baillie and  Global Coaching Academy team. Thank you for your tireless mentoring  and modeling of unconditional acceptance and love. I am honored and humbled to be a part of bringing  the cutting edge , transformational understanding of  life’s journey that you impart to those who cross paths with me.


Linda has studied and practiced self mastery tools for 14 years. She was an educator for 20 years . Self Mastery Mentor and Coach. Facilitator. Masters in Education. Global Coaching Academy, Cosmosis Academy. Shippensburg State University, Humboldt State University Grad School.


K-12 educator- regular ed and special needs ,member of National GESA Training Team,  member of  Survivors of Homicide , Mentor Teacher Humboldt County  and Eureka City Schools, Global Coaching Academy Team member *, Humboldt State U Adjunct Instructor, Clatsop County Community ED  Instructor,Spiritual Mentor/Coach  Heartlink-Ed.






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