I offer services globally. I do only speak English fluently . I love to see people from many different countries waking up to be their potential to be sparks of lights in a chaotic world. Keep going.


All dates for online Seminars are scheduled on 1st Mondays monthly , PST. All online coaching dates are scheduled Tuesdays , Fridays or Sunday afternoons.

All payments are made in advance.Refunds are available , prorated.

NEW !!!!

I accept PayPal Credit . Simply access it through the PayPal button if you already have it. You may also follow a link to apply for it through the PayPal button. Please be sure you are clear on their repayment policy before signing up.


LIFE Coaching for Educators and Trainers … highly discounted rate for limited time period

Self Care coaching for educators and trainers . Taking care of one's emotional and psychological well being is important to happen first so that we may support others. Keep yourself fit and running on a FULL cup. Let's talk ...heart to heart. 45 minute sessions.


Got Boundaries ? Seminar

An introductory seminar of self reflection activities and self assessments on the health of your personal boundaries. It includes a guided meditation. This class may be taken online individually or in a group session. 90 minutes


Got Boundaries ? Coaching

Three followup coaching sessions of the Got Boundaries? Seminar. These sessions may be taken online , individually, or in person. 45 minutes.


INtro to Energy Hygiene Seminar ( coming in summer again soon)

Learn and practice simple tools to clear your energy system that you can use right away . Session includes a guided meditation . This class may be taken individually, or in a group , locally in person., or online. 90 minutes


INtro to Energy Hygiene Course : Group Coaching ( coming in summer again soon )

This six week course includes three in depth group learning and three group coaching sessions. It includes a guided meditation . Maximum 3 participants. This course may be taken online, individually, or in a group , in person. 60 minutes