I offer services globally. I do only speak English fluently . I love to see people from many different countries waking up to be their potential to be sparks of lights in a chaotic world. Keep going.

All dates for online Seminars are scheduled on 1st Mondays monthly , PST. All online coaching dates are scheduled Tuesdays , Fridays or Sunday afternoons.

All payments are made in advance. Refunds are available , prorated.

NEW !!!!

I accept PayPal Credit . Simply access it through the PayPal button if you already have it. You may also follow a link to apply for it through the PayPal button. Please be sure you are clear on their repayment policy before signing up.


Self Care for Educators

Self Care individual coaching for educators and trainers . Let's talk ...heart to heart. 45 minute sessions. Sessions meet online via Zoom. (GROUP COACHING IS AVAILABLE THRU by donation.)


Got Boundaries ? Seminar

An introductory seminar of self reflection activities and self assessments on the health of your personal boundaries. It includes a guided meditation. This class may be taken online individually or in a group session. 90 minutes


Got Boundaries ? Coaching

Three followup coaching sessions of the Got Boundaries? Seminar. These sessions may be taken online , individually, or in person. 45 minutes.


INtro to Energy Hygiene Seminar ( coming in summer again soon)

Learn and practice simple tools to clear your energy system that you can use right away . Session includes a guided meditation . This class may be taken individually, or in a group , locally in person., or online. 90 minutes


INtro to Energy Hygiene Course : Group Coaching ( coming in summer again soon )

This six week course includes three in depth group learning and three group coaching sessions. It includes a guided meditation . Maximum 3 participants. This course may be taken online, individually, or in a group , in person. 60 minutes