I offer services globally. I do only speak English fluently . I love to see people from many different countries waking up to be their potential to be the sparks of lights in the world. This is our potential.  Keep going.

Thank you for visiting with me  to ones from …

Turkey, Australia, China, Russia, Canada, Alaska, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Bangaladesh, Japan, Israel, Singapore, UK, Kenya, Germany, Serbia , France and  the US…

All dates for services are as advertised. Personal coaching sessions only are able to be booked on specific days.

Personal Coaching Session

One 60 minute session. Monday sessions on the hour 1 thru 4 pm.


Group Coaching : Got Boundaries? Intro

Intro seminar of self reflective activities to determine the health of your personal boundaries. Includes a short guided meditation.


Group Coaching : Boundaries

Three follow up small group coaching sessions that address each participant's journey with balancing out how they relate to others. 90 minute session. 3 consecutive weeks. The fee is for three sessions.


Group Coaching : Embracing Loss

Small group coaching for ones who are feeling the impacts of loss regardless of the type of loss or time since it occurred. 90 minute session per person fee.


Intro to Energy Hygiene Seminar

An introductory seminar on Energy Hygiene . 60 minutes.


Energy Hygiene Course

This four week course includes two in depth learning sessions and two private coaching sessions. Each session is one hour.