I offer services globally. I do only speak English fluently . I love to see people from many ( 19 so far ) different countries waking up to be their potential to be the sparks of lights in the world. This is our potential.  Keep going.


Thank you for visiting with me  to ones from …

Turkey, Australia, China, Russia, Canada, Alaska, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Bangaladesh, Japan, Israel, Singapore, UK, Kenya, Germany, Serbia , France and  the US…

I welcome your questions and comments. Let’s talk, heart to heart.

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SIS workshop and course

This class includes a workshop and 6 week course .


TeleCoaching Session

60 minute session , via ZOOM video conference


TELECoaching Package

Four 60 minute sessions via Zoom video conference


Relax into Meditation Class

75 minutes includes qi gong health exercises, self mastery lesson , guided meditation


SIS Workshop

An intro workshop to Energy Hygiene and self renewal. via ZOOM video conference or in person