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What is Self Mastery ?

What is Self Mastery ?

In a nutshell , self mastery is self control. Further defined, self mastery enables one to have say in how her/his life unfolds. It is a simple path yet it is not easy.

You becoming new  can potentially be a  daily happening as each insight, each realization is received…by you. Continuing practice strengthens your ability to choose how you respond in the moment to life’s ups and downs.

That singular moment of choice determines your future direction.

Beginning levels are about creating a strong foundation for your life long journey . There is more to us than most of us know through personal experience.

The movies and some seemingly harmless psychotrophic drugs may give glimpses of the more ” glamorous ” aspects of self discovery   with  disproportionate  importance.  Some weekend workshops promise you the hard earned diligence of lifetimes ,that of becoming a  master,  an avatar,  for a fee and minor inconvenience to your schedule.

And still, quietly,  the natural path of  self discovery , travelled  by  the ancient wise ones, is alive and well. It requires our enthusiastic  and ,undeterred  desire to do and be better people. It requires commitment to discover our more expansive selves.

You will find no isms here as you enter into your true heart.

Let your heart be your guide. It will call out to you in ways you cannot ignore when you are ready to learn more.  Pay attention.

Many paths lead to self mastery. I share glimpses of  my study and practice of fifteen years thru classes and coaching.




Swish !



” Tony painted his teeth green!”

I looked up to see 9 year old Tony grinning widely with forest green teeth , the paintbrush still busily swishing along their exteriors before we could  intervene .

This bein g just out of our immediate reach was the ultimate in his  exploratory fun.

He was seconds away from us doing what he did best …experiemt to see what things are like. What will they do if I do this ? or that?

Yes, he was still  delighting in the sensory as we were momentarily waylayed in wide eyed shock.

Stop !

This direction from several of us simultaneously, his supposed guardians of safety, only gave him more verve,more hutsbah to hurriedly  go on. Now  he tasted the green colored water housing the little brush .

With ticklish abandon, the remaining water in the cup he flung upwards ,carefree into the air ,splashing and coloring green , the table , the chairs, the floor, his shirt, my colleagues new sweater , her hair …with water color.

All to his great delight! The closed world of a severely autistic child opened for a moment and he filled it with color.

Yes, he did clean up the mess with  a grand smile of satisfaction and giggly laughter.

The opportunity to experience this green was worth

the joy of moving his  human puppets.  It was thrilling .

He had to clean it up. And he did that with laughter,too.

No problemo.

All done! ok . Art is finished. Let’s clean up.

How profound is that?

Imagine with me for a bit  how different  our lives be if we simply experienced life, for what it is , give it a go, clean it up . and go on.

Without judgent . This is our experience. Be in it. Laugh wildly, enjoy the chance to know it and go on .


What does the  next experience hold?

Let’s see.



we can’t say

we did not know

what was happening.

all of what we now experience in life

is the result of choices we have made


our lack of action,

whether in this life or

prior ones .