Don’t Take the Bait

Stay steady

focused on your highest potential

You who feel to ground , anchor harmony on the planet,

live harmoiously

Dont take the bait

to separate

when u feel yourself engaged in right and wrong ways of being, talking ,  and doing

you will know your vibration  has dropped

below the

state of allowing  flow

of knowing ,

of intuition

spiral upwards

take the high road

let egos win arguments


know no sides


can come out of conflict

see that possiblity



the only constant in our lives

we can’t redo the last moments

their gone

Your Journey is Mine,Too.

your journey is mine
i can turn away from your pain
to save myself
act as if i don’t see it
it’s not part of my life
i have enough concerns already
all believed to safely justify
i am better than u
after all, right? . i am bigger. i have more.
and that makes it okay for me
to let u struggle alone.
i am  more important,
more necessary to the world
why should i have to bear the consequence
of what u create?
whether it is my hand talking to my little finger
or me to u
it is the same result
we are connected.
and what u can or cannot do and be
affects me
affects the potential
of the whole
unity exists already in  consciousness
beyond the
in potential
waiting to
be made manifest
by our  desire
to know it
oneness already is
a state of being
we ask for its expression
in  this now
heart to heart.



another birth has occurred

a newer version of  me emerges .

this one able to hold

more light

this one aware of being

one speck

in the cosmos

yet part of

all there is.

this one

able to see

from above

the fray

and yet be in the fray

linking with all



and enlightening

all that

desires the light


by being present in self ,

holding steady

anchoring light



to evolve

on the earth,

all the while.

Depressed ?

u may not b depressed , u may just b carrying around old  feelings

of yours or others there

you may not really have pain there

it may be  u stuck feelings u didnt want to feel there

u may not be  forever scattered

you might just need to center yourself

going in circles ?

daydreaming ?

grounding is a cure

treading water , never swimming ?

its time for a shower

inside and out

are u ready ?

its simple.