another birth has occurred

a newer version of  me emerges .

this one able to hold

more light

this one aware of being

one speck

in the cosmos

yet part of

all there is.

this one

able to see

from above

the fray

and yet be in the fray

linking with all



and enlightening

all that

desires the light


by being itself ,

holding steady

anchoring light



to evolve

on the earth,

in the earth

all the while

becoming a


for hearts to

spiral upwards








Heart Vision

if i had known then

twenty , thirty , forty  years ago

to pay attention

to the little voices that

whisper a point of view in my ear

clever words,coming to me

from me

telling me how to feel  about

something that just happened

or  had happened .

if i had known this,

I could have landed in my  body

and felt life fully

and let it go,

richer and wiser

and open


i lived life on the run,

neither here nor there.

i  took off , filling in the details

of accounts  of me scattered to

the furtherest edges of me

unable to be reached by anyone.

to make my story worth hearing

to give my view of  life weight

i  biased my listener to me

reaching for their sympathy.


my gain, my healing salve. my temporary fix

their sympathy became my drug of choice.

now i know

the details of happenings do not matter

finding a willing , unbiased listener

requires me to be still , to invite in

the spirits of truth


simply listen

to  what  is on my heart

it shows me

the gift in being with

what is


the way ahead

Politics: Win-lose to Win-Win


If you feel you land squarely in fourth dimensional expression, you know and you feel and you act as if “we  vs. them ” paradigms  no longer exists. Your desire is to experience fifth dimensional gift of  oneness .

We as a species on the  planet are largely operating from the Reptilian mind  ( 3rd dimensional ) that is based on the survival of self and those like us.Many progressives  in The US feel disheartened.Many others are prepared to do battle with the current administration. Judgement of the other  is abundant . Fear is the guiding force of many decisions . People on both sides are preparing for battle.

It will not be a battle of a fiercely protected police force against crowds of revolutionaries that will advance us a humans. That method simply replaces those who love power with different ones who love power.

To advance we must evolve to must prepare for the battle within that we face everyday. We must  become more accepting of our own fears.  As the Masters for whom the major religions are  written have shown, this life requires a dedication in addition to attaining material things, above egoic satisfaction , beyond transactional or conditional love .

This more human life knows we create our own reality governed by laws of physics or karma , however we wish to see it….the result is the same.  It develops through trial and error , living and making wiser choices or not.Every action has an equal an opposite reaction and we do reap what we sow. We attract what we are consciously and subconsciously. In other words, we create our reality.

Some of us will repeat the same choice until we have sufferred  long enough in living that deteriorates one’s heart ,perhaps for  many lifetimes. We will then gladly choose love, with all of our being , no stone building or priestly garb needed . No externalities will measure up to feeling love without measure.

The call of our hearts goes out to spirit and manifests the perfect circumstance and people to bring us to our next part of the journey to wholeness. Feeling more whole within , this is what we create in all we do in our lives. We bring harmony and wholeness and healing to all our living.

Do we participate  in politics in this state of being? Absolutely, especially  so. Let us enter into this arena . Change the face of service, of representation ,of leadership. Let it mirror our growth within. Speaking our truth ,inspire others to grow by our example,however they choose to accomplish it.

Let us show up with our best version of our evolving  self,foregoing the beating of chests , the I win – you lose paradigm. Let us focus  on what we wish to create for the benefit of all .Let us choose  win-win on all fronts.











Choosy Artist

judgement is the color

we paint on life’s canvas

when we have


to say

thank YOU

for this part

of the journey.

our painting

evokes despair.

let us create


Wonder’s eyes


bold hues



our being

and doing .

let us release

the burden

we thought we

had to carry

for whatever we did

or thought , or said.

back to that moment when

the choice

was made

to embrace


less than

LOVES’s power

to penetrate











Clever Jealousy

I wish

I were


u do everything right

he gives u love taps of encouragement

when u venture forth

u are me

does it matter

that the  u

is in another body?

could a drop of water

so distinguish  itself

from the ocean

to say

to another drop

“i wish i were u

she loves u

more than me ” ?

Lament’s Awakening

I wonder how i dropped 
from the love
of  the One heart

To rebel against u

Can I lay this question to rest?
Stories of what and why do not soothe
They distract 
From facing how i feel about doing, wanting something else
The stories of what happened and why and our varied versions of how
To make things right again are useless
Can rest  among the ashes of memories like any other once important thing
Flittering in the wind dispersing with whisper of movement
Pieces of something that once was ,scattered to lay at the feet of another
Endeavor in potential

A reality  enlivened by me
Held on to by me as a smokescreen
A deflector of the truth of how i feel
About my choice
I and you most like me, 
Pierced by my  cold icy stares of judgement

I could have loved  better had i eyes uncovered
Had i the will
I could have loved more
Easily breathing in sustenance and returning to  enjoy life

Life is 

Not mine not yours
Not anyone’s in particular

To have
To claim
To reject
To attach to

Its simply to experience
All of the miracle like peculiarites that it may spin out of itself

from creation’s love core

There is nothing to hold up as special or right  or wrong

Everything  is part of the nondescript  landscape of the All

Whose only purpose is to direct our course
Along this mirrored path