another birth has occurred a newer version of  me emerges . this one able to hold more light this one aware of being one speck in the cosmos yet part of all there is. this one able to see from above the fray and yet be in the fray linking with all hearts shining and … More HeartLinked

Choosy Artist

judgement is the color we paint on life’s canvas when we have forgotten to say thank YOU for this part of the journey. our painting evokes despair. let us create with Wonder’s eyes envsioning bold hues lovingly grace our being and doing . let us release the burden we thought we had to carry for … More Choosy Artist

Clever Jealousy

I wish I were u u do everything right he gives u love taps of encouragement when u venture forth u are me does it matter that the  u is in another body? could a drop of water so distinguish  itself from the ocean to say to another drop “i wish i were u she … More Clever Jealousy