Self Acceptance

this morning when you showed , as you always do , i stayed with you. i let you become part of my landscape, part of who i am and what I know. i was more courageous i could love u. today it did not matter that u were different than i had hoped for. … More Self Acceptance

Self Rejection

You cause me to fear for safety You hate me What I feel coming from you hurts What you are capable of frightens me I must push you away with my words, block my heart to keep you out this that you are must never defile me      


as the pain burns in my chest, i feel ┬átears restrain . come in tears, no need to hide , fall as u may, where u may. i can hold the tempest that waits to burst free , the pus that aches to to spill . i know you could not trust me before. i … More Touchstone