Swish !

” Tony painted his teeth green!” I looked up to see 9 year old Tony grinning widely with forest green teeth , the paintbrush still busily swishing along their exteriors before we could  intervene . This bein g just out of our immediate reach was the ultimate in his  exploratory fun. He was seconds away … More Swish !

Belonging to Love

we may find ourselves a bit angry when we realize that things we can grasp with our hands will  only  temporarily satisfy us, shift our attention from the deep ache to belong to Love real and true , everlasting , uncondtional  


Like a generals of battle weary armies , we  walk our inner landscapes surveying the cost of holding strong,even forgine g ahead with torch held high , in the face of  walls of adversity. We see and feel and honor the impacts of living through times of great oppostion. On this day I went back … More Oasis

Love Teacher

In the last year, I feel I have come upon the most resistant , fearful feelings that live inside of  me. And what a big help it turns out to be that I learned and still  review simple tools  to let this fear go..albeit slowly, at times… Holding on to fears is disease in the … More Love Teacher