Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

I cried thru this song

remembering you,

with habit ready to shut down my hurting heart again.

instead , what came to me in this gazillionth

feeling of loss

pushed me to know what is true about love .

yes, you and family and friends

have come ,shared time with me, and gone

some naturally , some tragically ripped away

both leaving me feeling bereft

lost, alone.

and then there was this song , sung with such fullness of heart

that I knew that what really matters about love is to be able to experience the potentials of loving

to experience it at ever more refined levels.

it is not meant to fill the space that we must fill for ourselves

that is a temporary fix ,

a using of another’s supply when our own supply we already have

within us

our own love, from the source of love ,

is ever in flow, ever evolving

inclusive, impersonal,


when the fires of love within our hearts stir

to light up from our own connection to its source ,

its essence seeps into the cracks of the stone cold

walls that now separate us from life

to heal the wounds of humanness

and lift us to breathe it in like pure air.

we emerge from the shedding skins of yesterday


nurturing all life and wanting nothing more

than to b the vessel for this change .

What is Self Mastery ?

What is Self Mastery ?

In a nutshell , self mastery is self control. Further defined, self mastery enables one to have say in how her/his life unfolds. It is a simple path yet it is not easy.

You becoming new  can potentially be a  daily happening as each insight, each realization is received…by you. Continuing practice strengthens your ability to choose how you respond in the moment to life’s ups and downs.

That singular moment of choice determines your future direction.

Beginning levels are about creating a strong foundation for your life long journey . There is more to us than most of us know through personal experience.

The movies and some seemingly harmless psychotrophic drugs may give glimpses of the more ” glamorous ” aspects of self discovery   with  disproportionate  importance.  Some weekend workshops promise you the hard earned diligence of lifetimes ,that of becoming a  master,  an avatar,  for a fee and minor inconvenience to your schedule.

And still, quietly,  the natural path of  self discovery , travelled  by  the ancient wise ones, is alive and well. It requires our enthusiastic  and ,undeterred  desire to do and be better people. It requires commitment to discover our more expansive selves.

You will find no isms here as you enter into your true heart.

Let your heart be your guide. It will call out to you in ways you cannot ignore when you are ready to learn more.  Pay attention.

Many paths lead to self mastery. I share glimpses of  my study and practice of fifteen years thru classes and coaching.




Is it depression …?

u may not b depressed , u may just b carrying around old  feelings

of yours or others there


you may not really have pain there

it may be  u stuck feelings u didnt want to feel there


u may not be  forever scattered

you mught just need to center yourself


going in circles ?

repeating non productive behaviors or treading water  ?


its time for an energy shower

if u choose.

are u ready?

turn the pages herein

a  path lies

before u,

i can show you


























America ‘s Shame

If you have grown up in America you know exactly what this title means. You know how it works.

The paradigm is I win-you lose . All our schooling prepares us for that day when we enter the world untethered to find our way in the competition for a good life.

Some of us won’t win. We see them out of  the corner of our eyes.We care about them after we win….a little. Not enough to make them winners, however.

We learn to shape the truth to our needs. Its a little white lie we say with a sheepish grin, that’s all. How could anyone fault us for that?

We discover that whether its work or play, home or away, we have no idea if we can trust what  most people say . We wear so many layers of masks , we no longer understand how others view us. We actually believe we are putting on a pretty impressive show.

Anyone who has travelled internationally or read international news can tell you, Americans are only fooling themselves. Perhaps instead of pretending it will all be better when a new president is in office, perhaps we get down to the real work of change .

Let’s first accept where we are.What are our strengths ? Where can we improve as a nation? Who or what needs immediate attention? What are my motives when I go out in to the world everyday?

A people willing to be blind to their own unwise choices cannot possibly attract a wise ,honest leader. Like attracts like.

Let’s detox. If you ‘ve lived in America for a while, you will come to want to do that,We don’t live in isolation. We affect each other.

It’s work. Clearing old ways takes courage and will and love for who you are and you can become.

The journey is rich . It gives back with every step.

Don’t take my word for it, keep asking for direction from your wiser, higher self. You will find your way .

Americans can own their shame for choosing, with eyes wide open, self interest over  the health and welfare of all.

Life will become sacred to you . Precious .


another birth has occurred

a newer version of  me emerges .

this one able to hold

more light

this one aware of being

one speck

in the cosmos

yet part of

all there is.

this one

able to see

from above

the fray

and yet be in the fray

linking with all



and enlightening

all that

desires the light


by being itself ,

holding steady

anchoring light



to evolve

on the earth,

in the earth

all the while

becoming a


for hearts to

spiral upwards