Anger Management

Anger is only the tip of the iceberg. Many emotions lie beneath the water in its body.

Is the Anger Management for Leaders class for me?

Yes or No ?

  • I require privacy , a convenient schedule , and learning tailored to my specific situation.
  • I am in a leadership role , such as , CEO , manager, director of an organization, supervisor, staff trainer, staff serving a population prone to anger , community leader, political leader, activist, educator, owner of residential homes for specific populations.
  • I am a woman who has experienced a form of oppression

If your answer is yes to any of the above statements, please read further.

Anger is often related to issues listed below. Which issues resonate with you ?

  • bias in society consciously or unconsciously directed at you
  • Unresolved anger issues in family of origin
  • Relationship dysfunction or angst
  • Anger at ex-partners often over practical issues such as child custody
  • physical, verbal, or sexual abuse
  • Economic hardship
  • Poor coping skills and life management skills
  • Relationship difficulties – ongoing serious conflicts
  • Being with a partner or family member who uses drugs
  • Setting unrealistic goals – being too hard on oneself
  • Feeling overwhelmed, stressed out
  • Constant boredom- irritability- lack of routine and structure in life
  • Dwelling on resentments and past hurts – anger – unresolved conflicts
  • Refusing to deal with life issues and problems of daily living
  • Inability to cope with wreckage of your past
  • bias in society toward an aspect of who you are , what u do, how u look
  • Inability to cope with current life changes
  • physical pain/illnesses/disability
  • loss of loved ones
  • chronic marital problems that now reach a head
  • disrupted relationships with their adult children
  • restructuring life to accommodate retirement
  • economic distress

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