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Self Mastery Basics Study Group

Objectives: self awareness, energy hygiene, protecting your energy system

Resources : self mastery tools ,books ,movies, guided meditation,music

Location: Meetup/Portland area : both online/in person

Dates: in person -monthly

online – 1st, 2nd 3rd Wednesdays 7-8 pm on Microsoft Teams

in person- 4th Sunday 2:00 – 3: 30 pm


Life Coaching :


I offer sessions to those who are ready to make a change .


Sis Circle Talks Group – Relationship Wellness

monthly in person

About Self Mastery

Do you ever feel picked apart by people or circumstances in your life?

In these ongoing weekly sessions, we begin the unpacking of the many layers we have worn to live in the world. We will explore the highs and the lows.

If you are you seeking a different way to be that nurtures you as well as others, you are in the process of “waking up ” to your bigger self. Congratulations !

Listening within is the first step.

Let’s begin within, settling down inside ourselves and working from the inside out. Let’s build a stronger inner foundation that supports you to connect with others in safety , one step at a time.

How does that sound to you?

If you would like to explore more of who you are, sign up for the Self Mastery Basics Study Group. Your first month free.

I fyou would like private study lessons , please email me . Your first two weeks are free.


What is Self Mastery ? What does self mastery have to do

with relationships ?

In a nutshell , self mastery is self control. Further defined, self mastery enables you to have say in how your life unfolds through choosing how you respond to life’s ups and downs each day.

Your becoming new  can potentially be a  daily happening as each insight, each realization is received…by you. Continuing practice strengthens your ability to change your behavior and choose to respond to formerly provoking interactions calmly or not at all.

That singular moment of choosing how you will respond and doing so determines your future direction.

Beginning levels of self mastery are about creating a strong foundation for your life long journey . Waking up to your bigger self or moving forward on your spiritual journey, is well begun by developing self awareness. Increasingly the way forward becomes clearer with each bit of the past that you free up you become the captain of your ship.

The movies and some seemingly harmless psychotrophic drugs may give glimpses of the more ” glamorous ” aspects of self discovery with  disproportionate  importance.  Some weekend workshops promise you the hard earned diligence of lifetimes ,that of becoming a  master,  an avatar,  for a fee and minor inconvenience to your schedule.

And still, quietly,  the natural path of  self discovery , travelled  by  the ancient wise ones, is alive and well. It requires our enthusiastic  and , undeterred  desire to do and be better people. It requires commitment to discover our more expansive selves.

You will find no isms here as you enter into your true heart.

Let your heart be your guide. It will call out to you in ways you cannot ignore when you are ready to learn more.  Pay attention.

Many paths lead to self mastery. I share glimpses of  my study and practice of seventeen years thru classes and coaching.

You may feel picked apart by life ,with nothing left to give . You may have tried all that you knew to do. Yet here you are feeling yourself in fetal position in tears. .

It is in these moments our hearts open up to new learning.

Anger Management

(Private class only . Scheduled by appointment. )

Is this course for me ?

Do I resonate with any of the causes of anger below?

  • bias in society consciously or unconsciously directed at me
  • Unresolved anger issues in my family of origin
  • physical, verbal, or sexual abuse
  • Economic hardship
  • Relationship difficulties – ongoing serious conflicts
  • Setting unrealistic goals – being too hard on myself
  • Feeling overwhelmed, stressed out ; poor coping skills
  • Dwelling on resentments and past hurts – anger – unresolved conflicts
  • physical pain / illnesses / disability
  • loss of loved ones
  • disrupted relationships with my adult children
  • restructuring my life to accommodate retirement
Anger is like an iceberg. We usually only see what is on the surface.

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