About Us

Linda Lawson ,MA in Education, Life Coach, Self Mastery Instructor, Anger Management Facilitator

HEARTlink-ED Community offers Personal Growth classes to those who desire to live more masterfully. Emotional wellness is the overarching focus.

Our services, are applicable and open to any audience.

Self Mastery, in essence , means that you choose how you will respond to situations and others. Its foundational skills strengthen your ability to link with with yourself therefore strenghten your connections with others.

Anger Management classes and coaching are customized to you . They are offerred to the busy leaders of any field who know they can be more effective with managing their anger at work , home, on the road , etc.

In addition, these services are offerred privately to anyone wishing to improve their interpersonal interactions.

Profound loss , the toll of it is unspeakable. as is the homicide of my mother . Responses to unexpected traumatic life events are expressed in who I am and what I offer to you as a coaching client. Its wisdom is not to be found in books . It has come through living with and eventually accepting the gift of profound loss . This too is learning to share through individual or group sessions.

A very rich and gifted part of my professional career has been educating elementary , high school , and teacher prep students. The everyday interpersonal skills that one acquires in loving the unlovable ones in public schools is invaluable treasure to bring the unlovable parts of us all.

Are you over being held captive by the memories of your past experiences?

Join us.

Let us develop self awareness and clarity as skills we carry with us through each challenge that life gives us.

Tomorrow is promised to no one. It’s on us to be co-creators in reaching our highest potential.


I thank so many for significantly adding to the expression of me. beginning with my daughter Fati and former life partner , Jeff. with my parents Beulah and Neri, and my students .

The pioneering , transformative work of the gifted team of Global Coaching Academy, Belinda Bailie founder , Michael King, Segolene King, Amy Falconbridge ,Linda Koen, Nerida Miles,Julie Skinner of the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre, Dee Grayson’, creator and of GESA curriculum, Dr Ari and Dr Tony of Century Anger Management, Beulah Lawson on Profound Loss,

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