breathe with me

..for Michael

some hurts bring insanity  

they take your breath away.

words cannot close the wounds they leave.

 beloved heart of You

who  had been filling all of your space with love and safety

gives  unconditionally the roaring fire within you 

ignites the fire within me

and the story of this  wound surfaced

enuf to

to acknowledge the

ghost memories that were 

never sleeping.

 locked away

choking the life out of me.

breathe with me

your heart spoke 

in silence.

feel my heart beat with yours.

drink of me

nurture yourself  here

restore here.

rest here

u are safe

sending this prayer to my heart

be healed

however it feels for u

be healed

may love restore the balance

Published by Heartlinked

Greetings, fellow travellers on life's journey. Let's see what we can learn from each other. Heartlink-ED Community provides Self Mastery and Anger Management classes. Private coaching is offerred , by request , on Embracing Loss . The audience is specifically for parents, leaders , and educators who identify as women and who have experienced a form of oppression. Our planet is sufferring. We are part of its healing. She needs you to bring your attention to your hearts desire to know love , if this is truly your choice. Be ever hopeful . Love never fails. Those who are ready to reach for something new will be supported through the steps of the journey that one may take as they come face to face with who you have been.Old ways die hard. It is a path for the courageous. The excuses,moaning, and cringing we have done is no longer useful. For if you are still reading, something is ringing true for you. Keep going. You are not as alone as you may feel. Take the next step.You are ready.

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