We get what we focus on. Seems hardly fair .

I always felt that I should be able to talk about something , how wrong or horrible it is, how it hurt, how you hurt me, or how stupid I was to do such a thing. Or how cruel you are to do such a thing.

And then I felt better for a while. You listened . You felt sorry for me. I felt better.

I identified the villain and my hurt caused by other…clearly.

I came to find that this memorializing of pain did not end it. Time would pass and there would something else, someone else that I could say without question was the new person treating me badly.

Do you find yourself in this cycle ? Do the same things keep happening to you, only the people change?

We get what we focus on. I see proof of that everyday in my own life.

If I want a different result, I have to do and speak and think and feel differently.

It can’t be faked. Our incredible human bodily system is a lot more intelligent than we know.

Regardless of the amount of stored pain we have , referred to as the pain body, by Eckert Tolle, by different names by others, we unconsciously draw from it to make decisions about our lives.

The beginning work of self care does involve knowing oneself. Are we speaking and deciding from our pain or inspiration?

Are we creating to cover our pain or to inspire others? For many, the answer to that question will not matter , now or ever. For some , inspiring others to do better , you know means you model that , you live that .

And so the journey to your true purpose for living begins…

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