Love Evolving

I cried thru the song

remembering you,

with habit ready to shut down my hurting heart again.

instead , what came to me in this gazillionth

feeling of loss

pushed me to know what is true about love .

yes, you and family and friends

have come ,shared time with me, and gone

some naturally , some tragically ripped away

both leaving me feeling bereft

lost, alone.

and then there was this song , sung with such fullness of heart

that I knew that what really matters about love is to be able to experience the potentials of loving

to experience it at ever more refined levels.

it is not meant to fill the space that we must fill for ourselves

that is a temporary fix ,

a using of another’s supply when our own supply we already have

within us

our own love, from the source of love ,

is ever in flow, ever evolving

inclusive, impersonal,


when the fires of love within our hearts stir

to light up from our own connection to its source ,

its essence seeps into the cracks of the stone cold

walls that now separate us from life

to heal the wounds of humanness

and lift us to breathe it in like pure air.

we emerge from the shedding skins of yesterday


nurturing all life and wanting nothing more

than to b the vessel for this change .

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