Sacred Doorway

Pardon me please

I saw you as I wanted to see you , not as you are

I feel ashamed , embarassed , stupid,


even humiliated before you

I did not know your  capacity to renew

unaware that you were recording my thoughts, feelings,knowing

I had only a sliver of a notion that you are more than you seem

how else could it be with an design so intricate and perfect?

an organism that can heal it self

that has it s own beauty not needing my limiting vison

placed upon it to change it

to suit smaller , scrunched up

and rudimentary versions of magnificence

I don’t know you still

pardon me please

that I let you live so many days without feeling cherished,

gratitude , appreciation

I am indebted to you .

There’s a reverence you deserve

I cast you aside as an after thought ,

rushing you thru life to achieve something else

and now coming back to see how u are

finally getting it

I thought I loved u

I see , I know that you love me

pardon me , please

dear beloved body

I am here now

bowing before you










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