Like a generals of battle weary armies , we  walk our inner landscapes surveying the cost of holding strong,even forgine g ahead with torch held high , in the face of  walls of adversity. We see and feel and honor the impacts of living through times of great oppostion.

On this day I went back in time and saw the years of exclusion that formed the me I have  come to know. It was so common an experience that  it  no longer felt stinging. Feeling  shut out from the comfort of belonging felt normal.

I can let it go now. I see it  never was for me to claim myself  as a  victim of such living, for I had chosen to be there .

It was for me  to walk thru the darkness with the optimism that sometimes only I could feel,, light guiding each step,  loving the nurturing essence that sustains me. There is joy in this living….of being attracted to love .

There was being sustained by love so deeply that the wounds were not apparent until the journey through the places where unawakened hearts abound, opened

into an oasis. An oasis that restores us to walk  yet another day into the collective unconscious tapestry  of wounding . In this collective unconscious suffering we go about our day living however we do in the expansiveness we know ,crossing paths , knowing wonder , ever hopeful.



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