One Solitary Tear

“what about incest ?
do the children tell ?
how do people find out ?
the children don’t understand that it’s not ok”

his words faded into a blur

“and it feels good


this is just something i do

with ____
they don’t know to tell”


i felt a tear roll slowly down my cheek
surprised because i did not feel

the rush of emotion that comes most often with crying
it was that suppressed.
i tried to answer his questions

as if

nothing was wrong

and i tried to wipe away the tear

without notice
but he who had seen many faces like mine go blank

and bodies freeze and words fall away

noticed my finger slide under my glasses
upon my lower eye socket
he saw the hurt i  tried to wipe away
and he witnessed the part of me that  had been stolen




allowing me to fully accept

this part of me



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