Love Teacher

In the last year, I feel I have come upon the most resistant , fearful feelings that live inside of  me. And what a big help it turns out to be that I learned and still  review simple tools  to let this fear go..albeit slowly, at times…

Holding on to fears is disease in the making . The first thing we do when we feel fearful is  to hold our breath ,when taking slow breaths would curb its potential onslaught.
Viewing life from the perspective of consciousness, makes all the difference in the world. We know there is more to us than the body we inhabit. And our day literally turns out well based on which aspect of ourselves we choose to feed. We can nuture our consciousness or everything else.
We experience ourselves as consciousness , as part of the oneness of all life in meditation as we are disciplined enough to outlast the monkey chatter of the mind.We can further clear all those judgements we hold and ones still  to come as we go thru our day. They serve only to resist , to block the natural function of the heart …to see love in all things.
And there we have it . Two opposing forces living in one body. How does it all come together?
Wouldn’t you know it would be the heart that bridges the two selves? Not the heart of,” I will love you if you love me.”The heart that says ,”I love u anyway, no matter what.”
I have found true centre as many others before me.  A deep well of love is  ever expanding there as we give focus to it rather than to fear.
To acknowledge a negated bit of myself  , a part of me that I could not bear to own up to in prior moments , this heart of love gently surrounds this unwanted bit of me in the kindest, purest, beat of her fiery heart , and melts the icy stab of fear.It rises in mists of sweet surrender to become part of the whole spiraling upwards. .
When we are in despair , we don’t remember that some bit is ready to come home and its telling us in the language it knows…in the language we unconsciously programmed it to use.
It may sound angry. It may use harsh words.It may yell ” Get Away, you ugly bitch!”
And here is where those simple  tools for remaining judgement free come in to play. This is the time ,as all times are, to stay steady . strong. unwavering.centered in the heart.

This the time to say ,”Thank you for letting me know you are there. I love you.I release the judgement I held on you. I accept you exactly as you are. Thank you for what you taught me about life. Thank you for trusting me to bring you home to my bigger self. Thank you for teaching me how to love.”

Thank u.


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