Mirrored Hate

what does it do to you

inside when you see them

that so much venom

you save for them ?

i hoped for a girl

when I gave birth

i believed i could not

have all life that was mine to



with his ambered masculinety

by my side

she could  pass thru your

paranoid  radar

she posed no threat to your


i believed that

i must bend and twist and turn myself

into pieces of me that you

could live with

until one day

the dots connected .

i understood how our

past choices, now choices

all contribute to who we are

i understand now that

we may choose from our highest self

always there

always ready to change the course our destiny

the One self in which we all abide in potential

paints a different picture

of life

some parts  of us  are in a death spiral,cancerous

nature taking care to recycle

that which  has forgotten  to do no harm

some parts of us are


enlivening the rest

we do blame other don’t we

for our damaged parts inside

for the parts of us that refuse to allow Love

to nurture us

If you only knew

that he that u love to wrestle to the ground

wth unfair advantage

is your mirror to how you

secretly hate

parts of yourself

that you just cant stand

the parts that must be accepted and loved

they show you

what you shut down in yourself

they are the key

the key to your inner freedom

the end to your oppression

of yourself

and  the dawning  of your















































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