…dedicated to my daughter


“Okay, I can’t relax all day. I ‘ll get up .” This I spoke to myself as if I were being monitored. “Tomorrow I have to go to work.”

Thoughts continued to silently run in circles.

“Gee, it’s raining hard.I love it. Makes the house cold,though. I’ll put on  an extra sweater.I wonder if Ti is warm. Did she go outside? She knows not to stand out in the cold rain.

Should I make my bed?

Naw! I’ll just pull the covers up to the pillows. No one is going to see it but us.

I love this color of blue on my bedspread. So serene.

Guess the bathroom is next to clean, Gee, Ti sure is quiet. I better check to see if she is outside playing.Maybe she is at Sam’s house. I don’t want to listen to her coughing all night.

Ti  !!! ”

” What ,Mom ? ”  she  answered right away.

Come here.Let me see what you have on.

I look downstairs to see her peeking around the door with one bare foot leading the way inside the door. No coat, no hat…pouring rainstorm.

Are you crazy? Come put on warm clothes. What are you doing anyway?

” Oh, Mom. I was holding Stinky in my lap.She likes to sleep on me while I’m sitting outside. ”

My heart melted. Awwwwwww….She was holding her kitty on the front steps  …then motherhood regained consciousness.

But, what are you doing?

I strained to hear an answer that could justify her sitting at length outside during a winter rainstorm. I knew she had chosen the protected portion near the front door ,but still…

“Well, I just like sitting there, watching the rain.”

I was quiet for a while knowing that walking in pouring rains is one source of soothing joy to me. I loved watching the trees drink in the onslaught of wetness.I loved feeling the cool, cold drops hit my face. It made me feel new and fresh. It was a cleansing of sorts.

I  used to be incredibly pained. It’s hard to remember now, but tears came easier when I could feel the earth was crying, too.

Even now the rain is my friend.How could I scold her? She had found the same friend.

She put on warm clothing and returned to her spot. I went on cleaning.

A  long time later I found her still sitting, cradling Stinky, still watching with quiet smiles, the rain.



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