Heart Vision

if i had known then

twenty , thirty , forty  years ago

to pay attention

to the little voices that

whisper a point of view in my ear

clever words,coming to me

from me

telling me how to feel  about

something that just happened

or  had happened .

if i had known this,

I could have landed in my  body

and felt life fully

and let it go,

richer and wiser

and open


i lived life on the run,

neither here nor there.

i  took off , filling in the details

of accounts  of me scattered to

the furtherest edges of me

unable to be reached by anyone.

to make my story worth hearing

to give my view of  life weight

i  biased my listener to me

reaching for their sympathy.


my gain, my healing salve. my temporary fix

their sympathy became my drug of choice.

now i know

the details of happenings do not matter

finding a willing , unbiased listener

requires me to be still , to invite in

the spirits of truth


simply listen

to  what  is on my heart

it shows me

the gift in being with

what is


the way ahead

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