It Was a Death…

It was a death…

of yesterday

that is,

even of the moments passed by just before now

where i felt the sweet whisper of wind

blow away  webs of  lingering thoughts


there are none, i know that now,


but tell that to the program that subconciously   helped me  cope

with what i had to face

i simply  could not speak my truth for a time, refused the say the words, meet it eye to eye

i took off my glasses so i could not see  you avoiding me when i walked by

i swallowed my tongue when he turned him  away from boarding the bus, a tired old man , the wrong color in the driver’s world

in that moment i accepted being put down ,as well

i found parts of myself in the trash heap in darkness,

the unfelt , unwanted hurts

piled upon each other into one black hole

having death wished upon them

such sweet pleasure and agony combined to find you all again

to see u with eyes that  know wholeness

with a heart that loves


with hope

for the way









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