Lament’s Awakening

I wonder how i dropped 
from the love
of  the One heart

To rebel against u

Can I lay this question to rest?
Stories of what and why do not soothe
They distract 
From facing how i feel about doing, wanting something else
The stories of what happened and why and our varied versions of how
To make things right again are useless
Can rest  among the ashes of memories like any other once important thing
Flittering in the wind dispersing with whisper of movement
Pieces of something that once was ,scattered to lay at the feet of another
Endeavor in potential

A reality  enlivened by me
Held on to by me as a smokescreen
A deflector of the truth of how i feel
About my choice
I and you most like me, 
Pierced by my  cold icy stares of judgement

I could have loved  better had i eyes uncovered
Had i the will
I could have loved more
Easily breathing in sustenance and returning to  enjoy life

Life is 

Not mine not yours
Not anyone’s in particular

To have
To claim
To reject
To attach to

Its simply to experience
All of the miracle like peculiarites that it may spin out of itself

from creation’s love core

There is nothing to hold up as special or right  or wrong

Everything  is part of the nondescript  landscape of the All

Whose only purpose is to direct our course
Along this mirrored path



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