Linda Lawson . Self Mastery Mentor and Coach                    

Have you ever felt out of place in a world where so much hurting of others and of oneself occurs?  Are you wondering how you can strengthen yourself in order to improve life for yourself, others, and the planet ?

Send for my free Self Mastery Survey to see which areas of your foundation are strong and which are blocking your potential to be a shining light in a chaotic world. ( see below ) .

To request  my Free Self Mastery Survey ,  enter your contact information below . Email me your results  for a free 30 minute coaching consultation.

You’ve landed into a place of nurture, a place created for you, the weary. yet strong, sensitive ones out there, being your best selves everyday.

Welcome HOME.


**My deepest gratitude goes out to Michael King, Segolene King, Amy Falconbridge, Nerida Miles, Linda Koen, Julie Skinner , and Belinda  Baillie and  Global Coaching Academy team. Thank you for your tireless mentoring  and modeling of unconditional acceptance and love. I am honored and humbled to be a part of bringing  the cutting edge , transformational understanding of  life’s journey that you impart to those who cross paths with me.




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