Linda Lawson
Masters in Ed.
Life Coach . Educator /Trainer . Facilitator

About our Flagship series on BOUNDARIES :

Is saying , “No, no thank you, or absolutely not ” challenging or impossible ?

Discover your level of awareness of your personal boundaries. Learn , practice ,and be coached on using practical tools for developing stronger physical and energetic boundaries.

Having studied and practiced self mastery for 16 years, all of Heartlink-ed’s life coaching sessions and courses have universal self mastery principles integrated into the learning experien

Group Coaching

Linda has a way of getting to the heart of a matter with clarity,compassion, honesty,and humor. I value knowing that self reflection is my key to unlocking the doors to where I want to go. Thank you.” Kelli. Astoria . Mother

GESA ( generating expectations and student achievement )

“This class had a profound effect on me as an educator. Linda gently led us to a safe space for us to reflect on a deep level , own own judgements. ” Lynn , Eureka, Ca. Educator

Group Coaching

“I appreciated the combination of qi gong ,self reflection, guided meditation and art. This class has given me permission to self intuit, self love, be present, access Source , to ground and be in this body.” Brittany . Astoria . Educator

” I am so grateful to know you. I trust you. “

” You were very enjoyable.” Chelsea. McMinnville Elementary . 3rd Grade student

” My personal experience of Linda’s coaching is that she holds a very warm,nurturing , yet strong space which allows a client to explore whatever and wherever they need to go to create their chosen outcomes. Linda has a unique ability to remain in unconditional positive regard of a client , meaning they never feel judged or put down. Linda has a way of gently and lovingly confronting a client to face things in a way that makes them feel empowered and excited to discover what’s in the way of them achieving their goals. She is comfortable around emotions and I would say that being coached by Linda is like being hugged in velvet. Her coaching style is from the heart and soul. I know that clients will enjoy working with her. ” Belinda Baillie , CEO , Global Coaching Academy


  1. Relax into Meditation – currently available at your location or designated location

2. Embracing Loss Coaching – available now 1 to 3 / group

Personal and Professional Growth Journey

  1. GESA ( Generating Expectations for Student Achievement ) – currently available by request only

Personal Growth Journey for ones who identify as women 18+

1.Got Boundaries ? Seminar – available now

2. Got Boundaries ? Coaching – available now 1 to 3 / group

3. Intro to Energy Hygiene Seminar

4. Intro to Energy Hygiene Group Coaching

My deepest gratitude goes out to Michael King, Segolene King, Amy Falconbridge, Nerida Miles, Linda Koen, Julie Skinner ,Campbell Carew, and Belinda  Baillie of the Global Coaching Academy team. Thank you for your tireless mentoring  and modeling of unconditional acceptance and love. I am honored and humbled to be a part of bringing  the cutting edge , transformational understanding of  life’s journey that you impart to those who cross paths with me.

Thank you to my daughter, Ti , and my former life partner, Jeff , for being master teachers for me, as well.