Yesterday I was clever,

so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise,

so I am changing

myself. ” RUMI

SIS Circle’ s Purpose

To support participants to use basic self mastery tools to move through life’s ups and downs in ever increasing equanimity.

Through group coaching, or personal mentoring, participants learn to make win win choices throughout their day.

Regular use of self mastery tools assist you to clear and heal your bodily systems of the many forms of fear ( anger, jealousy, greed, sorrow, vengeance, pride, anxiety, selfishness,vanity,etc ) . These expressions of fear we often unconsciously suppress.

To initiate enlightened states without clearing the bodily sytems ,as well, is not safe for our health. To age well as we proceed on our spiritual journeys , we clear, them of fear to make them safe hosts for our expanded selves to blossom.

You are invited to join a class of like minds and hearts. We welcome you.

You may feel out of place ,out of sync with the world around you.You may be feeling the stirrings in your heart to live in the vibration of your expanded self , to view life through its lens.

In our Self Mastery Basics class, you will learn and practice foundational tools to clear, heal ,and refine the physical, emotional, mental bodies and soul bodies of that which no longer serves you.

When participants develop greater awareness of their unconscious , unresolved hurts to oneself or others , they are increasingly able to choose how to respond to who or what presents in their lives.

This class series supports you to build a strong foundation from which to stay the course of your spiritual journey.

Transforming yourself into more refined versions of yourself positively changes the world with everything you do or be… if you but choose.

Trauma Informed

living a contented life.

SIS Circle services support you to move forward on your spiritual journey to develop a Strong Inner Self.

Our classes and coaching services increase your ability to be in healthy relationship with self , others, and the planet.

SIS Circle offers a menu of interactive , Personal Growth services for ones who are 16+ . We meet at symbolic, round tables.

“My personal experience of Linda’s mentoring and coaching is that she holds a very warm, nurturing yet strong space which allows a client to explore whatever and wherever they need to go to create their chosen outcomes. Linda has a unique ability to remain in unconditional positive regard of a client, meaning that they never feel judged or put down. Linda has a way of gently and lovingly confronting a client to face things in a way that makes them feel empowered and excited to discover what’s in the way of them achieving their goals. She is comfortable around emotions and I would say that being mentored by Linda is like being hugged in velvet. Her coaching style is from the heart and soul. I know that clients will enjoy working with her. “

Belinda Baillie, CEO Global Coach Academy, Perth, Australia

Can you relate to what this bird’s expression is showing ? What does it say to you?

“Each of us must enter the nest of the next imperfect bird.” Rumi

In a chaotic, imperfect world, how do you stay the course of your spiritual journey ? How do you move forward ?

Where do you begin? There is a range of options.

To sample the Self Mastery Basics class , email me : linda@siscircle.org

Connecting with Ourselves

Many of us find

that creating a stable ,calm place within


is no longer an option,

but rather,

a necessary step to take

to grow .


I love to create circles of connection through lived experience, coursework , coaching, counseling.

Ba in Elementary Ed, Masters in MultiCultural Ed, Life Coach Credential, Transformational Holistic Counseling Diploma, Anger Management Certification


I am thankful to those ones who me joined in day to day life , and all the others along the way that made an impression , however it was . It provided me with the option to choose fear or love. Thank you Fati , my daughter. Your wise and beautiful spirit was there from day one . Jeff, former life partner and always bestie. To children in my classes and most everywhere , you have been a constant inspiration to live with laughter.

To the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre team ,especially, Michael King , Segolene King, Amy Faclconbridge, Nerida Miles, Deb Seatton, Jen Parker, Julie Skinner,Nathan King for the cutting edge, transformative work you model and teach. I am most thankful for your love and patience as well.

To Nature which always nurtures me back to my center amd supports transitions.

To the Creatice Source within for trusting me with challenges to strenghen my ability to love in ever increasing measure.