Yesterday I was clever,

so I wanted to change

the world.

Today I am wise,

so I am changing

myself. ”


Are you ready for a change in how you are doing things or how you are being?

How well do you care for yourself physically,emotionally, mentally ,

and spiritually ?

Self Mastery skills are required for today’s living . How we engage with life has become more important than what we do, how we look, what we have, or who we know.

I offer an ongoing , weekly class to learn and practice proven tools that support you to stand ever stronger in your calling. Changing yourself changes the world with everything you do or be.

You can learn and practice

foundational tools

to choose

how to respond to who

or what presents in your life.

living a contented life.

Trauma Informed

SIS Circle services, formerly HEARTlink-ed ,supports you to develop a Strong Inner Self.

Our services are for ones who desire to increase their ability to be in healthy relationship with themselves , others, and the planet.

SIS Circle offers a menu of interactive , Personal Growth services for ones who identify as women 16+ . We meet as equals bringing complimentary skills and lived experiences to symbolic, round tables. We grow together.

“My personal experience of Linda’s mentoring and coaching is that she holds a very warm, nurturing yet strong space which allows a client to explore whatever and wherever they need to go to create their chosen outcomes. Linda has a unique ability to remain in unconditional positive regard of a client, meaning that they never feel judged or put down. Linda has a way of gently and lovingly confronting a client to face things in a way that makes them feel empowered and excited to discover what’s in the way of them achieving their goals. She is comfortable around emotions and I would say that being mentored by Linda is like being hugged in velvet. Her coaching style is from the heart and soul. I know that clients will enjoy working with her. “

Belinda Baillie, CEO Global Coach Academy, Perth, Australia

“Each of us must enter the nest of the next imperfect bird.” Rumi

HOW ARE YOU ? Really ?

You may find that you have a pattern of ending up in a relationship that “gets on your last nerve ” as my mother used to say. (Hers was usually about a situation that came up at work. )

Families and romantic partners seem to have a special gift to trigger us where it hurts the most. Do you find that to be true?

Many factors go into our choice of response or reaction to the perceived punishing words and behaviors of those in our lives. Those factors and the foundational tools to change how we respond to them are the focus of the services I offer.

I offer private and group coaching . It is small group with varying personal growth activities and optional feedback.

Transformational holistic counseling is uniquely offerred with private life coaching. Coaching clients may find themselves with great plans , yet still being unable to manifest them as some feeling inside resists moving forward.

In private coaching sessions , I/we create a safe space for that which is ready to be recognized to be known.

Your first session is FREE.

Where do I begin?

Let’s talk…heart to heart.

Life coaching with transformational holistic counseling sessions . for a limited time ,are offerred for a nominal fee . Interested ones may book a session according to our availabilty,once weekly.

How much of your day is dedicated to reflection or seeking clarity to make wiser choices ? Perhaps your bodily systems are too overwhelmed ,too anxious , too sad, or too angry to be still and focused.

Perhaps your memories are too traumatized for you to center and be grounded.Maybe you know what to do in moments and do not do what is best for yourself but rather what is best for “them “, so you are safe .

This is where we start.

Self nurture. Self care.

Connecting with Ourselves

Many of us find this is no longer a nice choice ,

but rather, a necessary step to take for living

a life of contentment .

About Us
Linda Lawson


SISCircle, formerly, HEARTlink-Ed Community ,offers private and group coaching, private transformational holistic counseling , tutoring in the basics of Reading, and generic resources. Services are designed for those who desire to increase their ability to be in healthy relationship with them selves, others, and the planet.

Owner :

Linda Lawson


Bachelor in Elementary Ed,Masters in Education, Life Coaching Credential, Transformational Holistic Counseling Certificate , Anger Management Certified Provider

Current Positions: Life Coach/Counselor, Self Mastery Instructor, Anger Management Facilitator,Educator

All services are Trauma Informed via lived experience, counseling and coursework.

The Rest of US

Thank you to:

I thank so many for significantly adding to the expression of me. Beginning with my wise ,beautiful , talented daughter Fati, my former life partner , and good friend , my strong parents , and my students …master teachers all. I am so grateful to be a part of your evolution and that you are part of mine.

For the cutting edge, pioneering , transformative work of the gifted team of the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre and Global Coach Academy ,Michael King, Segolene King, Amy Falconbridge , Linda Koen Nerida Miles ,Debs Seaton. Thank you with my whole heart.

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